missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 45 Transfers

I honestly could have stayed in Liberec for the remainder of my mission but it seems like I am needed in FRÝDEK MÍSTEK! Which is right outside of Ostrava. Ostrava! At first I was really sad but quickly and confidently I felt like Frydek was a beautiful new home. Fun fact, before Sister Behunin dies (goes home), she is still in Frydek with Sestra Scherrer...so we are in a trio for 2 full days before she dies!! I'm also here with Starsi Lanham again and Starsi Breyman from my MTC group--they are both training here!! 

Christmas was so different and we put all we had into it. The last 10 days with Sestra Fredrickson were full of miracles, fun, and adventure. We did Christmas visits to EVERY member where we shared the "A Savior is born" video and we testified. It was our Christmas present to them. Beautiful right? I wish I could explain better how the spirit was this Christmas season. Just know that I had a wonderful time and I know that Jesus is the Christ and he was born to start it all for us. I love him and He is my Savior. 

Today I met some little angels on the path to Ostrava. I first took a bus to Prague then got completely lost in travels to the main train station. (this was like the women's pull on the pioneer trek) I had all my life belongings for 1.5 years and I was wearing a coat to keep me warm. Except it turned against me and gave me what felt like a fever! Anyway, I talked to a very nice family from Virginia on a metro, I met Greg from Maryland and he gave me his map of Prague, and I met Jan on the 3.5 hour long train ride from Prague to Ostrava. He said this to me once after talking for however long "now you know everything about my life" he is so cool. He invited us over for Svičkova next time we are in Prague for a long time. I finally made it and I am so happy to be here! My new official companion is Sestra Scharrer. She is one group behind me. Oh! Also Sestra Stokes stayed in Librec and is corruptin....I mean training ;) and Sestra Fredrickson went to Mlada Boleslav. This has been a very surprising and exciting transfer change. Bring it on!! 

s láskou, 
Sestra Hale

A glorious video chat on Christmas morning with my family in Arizona!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 44 Celebration time all week

​Let's just talk about the elephant in the room, I hit my 1 year mark on the mission this past week. How does it feel? Like I got here last month. CrAzY! Its been a year and I still love the mission.

On Thursday we got a call from President McConkie.
McConkie:"Sisters, are you in a place where I can be put on speaker phone?"
*our minds*: oh crap. we are busted
Us:"yes, hello!"
McConkie:"Sisters, Sestra Fredrickson has been waiting in New York for her visa the last few months and is coming back to the mission"
Us:"no way!!!"
McConkie:"Yes and I would like her to come up to you in Liberec"
McConkie:"great, she comes in tomorrow morning at 8,can you be in the mission home by 10?"
YOU BET YOUR BUTTER, PRESIDENT! so we actually were in Prague as scheduled but throughout the day Sestra Fredrickson missed TWO flights so we ended up staying the night in Prague and picking her up in the morning. It's basically been fun chaos since then. Our cozy apartment and the streets is Liberec have made room for 3 sestry to serve. p.s. Sestra Fredrickson is from Springville, Utah and has a gorgeous family.

We also planned our Christmas last night and I swear that was SO much to handle. Christmas here goes as follows, the Czechs celebrate Christmas on the 24th. As missionaries, we visit ALL members. Including the random less actives that live in far away villages. We visit every members for a total of 10 minutes. We watch the church video of Christ, testify, then move on! We are way excited to testify all day with these members.

VESELÉ VÁNOCE VŠICHNI!!!!! Remember Christ in all that you do this week. For unto us, a child is born and his name shall be Wonderful!
-Sestra Hale

 1 roc  (one year)

 The new trio.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week 43 Basically just preparations before Christmas

This week plus the next few weeks will be crazy due to the fact that Christmas is right around the corner. We are setting up appointments now so that we are busy later and can still work close with our investigators during the season. Sestra Stokes and I are also personally preparing by 1. we got our nails did today 2. we are opening presents from her mother on the 12 days countdown to Christmas 3. we are reading/discussing my homemade Jesus title countdown every day 4. we are partaking in delicious hot chocolate or trdelníky (sweet bread from heaven) on the streets when we can and 5. listening to a ton of Czech Christmas carols and some Michael Buble Christmas edition.

This last week we were asked to go to the Jedličkovi for some service. They are preparing M's room to be painted so we basically cleaned/moved everything in there to prepare. I swear, I have never stumbled upon so many random treasures at once before. We found legos, money, phone card chips, phones, socks up the wazoo, and many more everywhere! It was really fun and will look so good when it's all painted.

We went to Zuzka's house this last week. It started out quiet and calm then once her son M (my favorite child) woke up, all craziness broke out. There was mysterious green much painted on the wall, there was M who kept hitting Sestra Stokes and I, the two kids were opening and closing out umbrellas onto Sestra Stokes leaving her almost soaked. It was so funny. The miracle was that we had just enough quiet calm time to teach our object lesson and discuss it until everyone went wild. Zuzka is the best

On Sunday we had what they call 'fat Sunday' which is basically potluck. There was a 6 layer dip and chips, řízek (czech fried chicken), potato salad, cider, a ton of cukrovy and cookies and soda. We were all so full but it was so fun to spend time with the members here. I feel like we are family. Then we watched the Christmas Devotional all together as we digested.

Quick miracle of the week- we have been trying to meet with a less active this entire transfer (7 weeks). She moved and then didn't know her address then wouldn't reply then FINALLY she asked us if we could come over. A. her new apartment is so cute and beautiful B. her children are doing well   C. We were able to ask M bold questions to finally understand what she wants and how we can help her.Even though it was chaotic with her baby being squirmy, her daughter being energetic, and all other things, it was a very fun and special time to understand her.

Fun fact, I think I am at the point where I don't fear being bold 24/7. I hope it doesn't scare my companion but I call people out all the time. Meaning, I am tired of asking questions to try to get to what we want to hear. The other day I asked someone why he said something 2 weeks ago, what he wants, and what our purpose was when meeting with him. It's time to get some answers! I can apply this in the rest of my life. I plan on being bold from here on out. I will ask what I need to ask to get the answers.

Sestra Stokes and I are SO excited for Christmas. I love you all and hope you are also preparing for Christmas with your families and  I would encourage you to study, watch, read about the Savior's birth. Keep in mind why you personally celebrate Christmas and what is means to you to know that the Son of God was born. He is the gift for the world. If you want to see something cool, look up vanoce.mormon.org  . I'm sure this is in English somewhere but I only know of this Czech site.  (in English, click here )
-Sestra Hale
 Advent - Week 3

Fat Sunday

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 42 Hellllooooooo December

All in favor of realizing the year of 2015 is flying by, raise your hand. My hand is raised. I can't believe it is already December.
This week we had a few really cool experiences. We met with our investigator P and he brought his girlfriend S. They aren't believers, they don't know anything about Jesus Christ or the Bible, anything. We taught the plan of salvation and at the end I felt like I should ask P why he was meeting with us. He replied "änswers". His girlfriend agreed. It turns out that they are in the best place to get answers. Each of our lessons has fallen back on prayer and how it is the main and correct source for answers. Im STOKED to keep teaching them and see them progress. This is true joy!
We also met with Z H on Saturday. Our goal for that lesson was to have her want to go to church the next day. We prayed, planned, and traveled there with this in mind. Before we even sat down and took off our jackets all the way she said it was time she came back to church. She said she missed it. I talked to her more about what changed and what led her to her decision. Z is SO COOL everyone! She is solid and realizes that difference of life with and without the church. Yay Z!
Wednesday was such a fun day. We started out with contacting, then studies, then contacting then studies then contacting then lunch then contacting, then contacting with the Elders then we taught English, then we contacted and ended the day with dinner with a former missionary and her parents. Best. Day. Ever. Sestra Stokes and I were so exhausted, mentally and physically, but honestly enjoyed the day. We taught a ton of people about principles in the Gospel and we laughed at the colorful ways we are rejected. I was sang to twice in rejection. I started to ask someone a question, they heard the word Jesus then literally sang the word "no" in a beautiful repeated melody as they walked away. Yeahhhh hahah
We are planning to do some finding up the wazoo in these next few weeks so our teaching pool is full during the Christmas week and after. We are setting expectations and getting creative in finding and learning a whole lot along the way.

Lastly, I am SO excited for the Czech traditions. They get crazy over here with fun traditions and sweet treats. Im not complaining :)
mám váa ráda!
s láskou, Sestra Hale

 An advent candle countdown. One candle lit each week.

 A nativity from my family.

New shoe inserts -- "I will walk 500 miles and I will walk 500 more"

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 41 may šarka rest in peace

Dearest readers,
This week we pulled off Thanksgiving. I don't think I have said anything about it before but it has been in the minds of the branch and in the works since last year's success. Last year an elder wanted to show the Czechs how we Thanksgiving so he pulled this feast together. He made a lot of the food himself and delegated out recipes to those who were able to buy the ingredients and make these American delicacies. Now, let me just say that the second annual Liberec Thanksgiving was a huge success again! From the pictures of last year and the outcome of this year, we had more people. That's awesome. Members prepared food (some had to ask how to serve it. I've never been asked before how to serve corn bread "you just make it and serve it?...") SO Tuesday we had training in Prague so that took out a day for food preparation. Monday we made the plans to bake rolls at certain times, to buy the turkeys with Prezident Hanzal at a certain time, and to boil the eggs for the deviled eggs, etc. Wednesday to Friday is honestly a blur. Wednesday and Thursday were full of missionary work with clever ways of multitasking baking in the kitchen and making sure things weren't burnt. Then came the turkey on Thursday afternoon. We walked to a classic Czech butcher not too far from the church building and picked up two 16 lbs. turkeys! SIXTEEN POUNDS EACH! Sestra Stokes and I could not stop giggling as we carried these toddler-sized birds in our arms to the church building. Friday was the celebration  (not the real day for thanksgiving but it was a day of convenience here). We took the day as our P-Day and good thing too. We had to baste the turkey every 45 minutes, we made the deviled eggs, cleaned the church a little, and just prepared for a legendary meal. p.s. Sestra Stokes and I have NEVER cooked a turkey before. We wanted to make it fun instead of stressful so we named her Šarka (in English you say that as shark-ah) She did so well! It was perfect. When the feast begun, Prezident Hanzal explained how to eat the food (so funny and needed apparently) and it was delicious. We had people from our English class there, our investigator P and his girlfriend came, and more! Needless to say, we slept like the dead that night.

Back to the Tuesday training, it was great. Our zone leaders trained on teaching with members and how valuable that is to the conversion of those we teach and then the sister training leaders testified of hard work then BAM! We got a transfer call right there! We were all given a letter with a place in Prague and a new companion. We were to be back in 40 minutes. GO! I went on a metro with Sestra Angerhoffer. It was one metro stop away and we were there for 10 minutes then came back. Can you imagine? 15 pairs of missionaries on adrenaline in one city with all the same contacting cards. Lucky Prague Elders are about to get some investigators! It was so fun. Then Prezident McConkie's spiritual thought wrapped the whole training up. He talked about Christ having the title of the "Good Shepherd" and how we are also good shepherds bringing the lost sheep back into the fold with His help. What a beautiful thought.

I was reading in Alma this week and came upon a phrase that have stuck with me. "Část about your eyes". I first turned to Sestra Stokes and asked her to define that. She initially made a funny face up to the sky and we laughed...but really to část our eyes about sounds to me like we are wandering. It is as if someone would get bored of their lifestyle then wander and get lost until they ended up in the wrong place. The next day I read the phrase "Look to God and live". How many times do we wander around and make the wrong decisions because we are not relying on our Heavenly Father?  No matter where or who you are, you can turn to God, our Heavenly Father, and live through Him. Live by the means of God and enjoy this life thanks to His son Jesus Christ.
I dont know if that makes sense, I feel like I said some things like a czech in translation but cool thought huh? Also, I love reading the Book of Mormon. 

On another note, we saw our first snowfall this week. It's been bitter cold and also raining off and on. Hellooooo Christmas weather! I love living in the snow. I honestly feel like the snow is giving me power to get up and go.
víte co?......MÁM VÁS RÁDA!!!!!!
S laskou,
Sestra Hale​

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 40 -- This week

How was this week? Spiritually challenging and powerful. For those of you who know what this means. we hit standards!
This week we had an Exchange and this time Sestra Hamblin came to Liberec with me. It was so fun and we had a few miracles including finding Pavel who ended up coming to church and genuinely loves it all AND running into an investigator Pavla who we put on baptismal date because she already knows it is true. Its been a fun time. This week Sestra Stokes and I have bonded on deep levels of embarrassing moments.
Also this week, we found out that Sestra H's baby was stillborn. I don't think I could explain what we have felt as we have been helping the branch members keep their faith strong, but seeing the H family at church alone was a testimony to me that when we commit ourselves to the church and Christ, nothing can stop us. All members of the church are like a big family but for a second I would like to talk about the branch members here in Liberec. They are tender to tragedies, they support one another in their callings, they are wonderful teachers and attend activities when they can. They are not perfect, but they do their best. I am grateful for the example of the H family to strengthen my commitment to the church. I know that they too have understood more of what it means to rely on the church in times of trouble. 
This past Sunday's sacrament meeting was so special. It was also the primary program. Which consisted of 2 eight-year old boys and S who is maybe 3? It was so cute and everyone felt a special spirit there.Even the investigators who came.
At game night we played Dr. Who Risk. That experience affirmed my opinion on Risk and Dr. Who. I am not a fan of either haha. It was actually fun but I wouldn't do that on my own again.
This next week we are celebrating the second annual Thanksgiving here in Liberec! Last year was a hit and all the food was hosted by America. This week will be full of baking and cooking. Someone anonymously appointed us, the sisters, to roast a 14 lb Turkey. We also nominated ourselves to take on rolls, cookies, and deviled eggs for 50 people. Pray for us and enjoy your own Thanksgiving!
mám vás ráda!!!
-Sestra Hale
Blue White and Red, for Paris. lit up every night.

Dr Who Risk

Making Czech sweets.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 39 Tooth Acupuncture and Power Hour

Get this. On Tuesday we went to Prague on an emergency dentist trip. Sestra Stokes ended up getting her nerve extracted from her tooth. It was terrifying to watch. At one point the dentist stuck 3 needles in Sestra Stoke's tooth, took an X-ray, then LEFT THE NEEDLES IN HER MOUTH to go look at the x ray for a second. I looked at her with fear. She had no idea what was going on because she was numb. I told her to constantly keep her mouth wide open. Crazy right? The dentist and assistant laughed when we asked to take pictures. That's pretty cool that Sestra Stokes lost her nerve on her mission.

Once at a past training, a missionary explained a hard working contacting hour as a 'power hour' That has been a theme that has stuck with me. This week was that theme in action! We did a cool chalk display and I truly was worm after constantly talking to e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. We taught a ton of people! POWER HOUR. This also happened later in the week. Those are my favorite hours and sometimes I dread starting them because of my lack of faith...but I know if we talk to everyone we can, SOMEONE will be placed in our path that we can invite to come unto Christ. Once I contacted this man and he said he already read the Book of Mormon. I tried to get his opinion out on the table so we could dissect it and serve the truth but he continued to slander the book and ask if I have read it. "of course I have read it, I'm a missionary" He told me that it was a lie and a shame to the church. It is these moments that my bosom is on fire and my testimony is exploding within. There is no man on earth, no power or tragedy that could change my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I have received my own answer that it is the word of God, not only once, but multiple times as I read and study it. It makes me sad that those who reject it are so closed to the idea of this historical record of Jesus Christ's teachings with the people on the American continent. Its not fair to themselves to reject it. -This is one reason I am a missionary.

Our investigator J is so cool. Our member was late to our lesson with him and as we were walking to a nearby bench I told him that I had a favorite street performer and he was playing nearby. So J goes 'would you like a song?' WHAT!?!! Apparently he knows my favorite guitar man and he asked him to sing a song for us Americans. Now whenever I see the performer we say hello. Back to J, he is so cool and we only had time to do a building tour with Sestra H. It was beautiful and perfect and he should be coming to church this next week. It's so cute because he says he doesn't have the clothes to come to church. But listen, do you think Jesus would care more about your clothes, or that you are following one of his commandments by coming to church? :)

It's been a great week. Sestra Stokes knows a lot of the Sons of Provo songs by heart and frequently raps them to me. I want to be like her some day.

MÁM VÁS RÁDA!!! -Sestra Hale

p.s. We just got invited to go to Eva M's house for dinner tonight. Who is excited?? I cant wait to laugh with her!! She is like the czech/older version of Raven Simon.
Also, we bought a Christmas tree and a flower topping for a grand total of 2 dollars!
We only have a few more minutes on these computers but just to let you know, I will send pictures later. These library computers won't allow any attachments.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 38 Poslouchej

I always say "Poslouchej" to Sestra Stokes. It means "listen" and she always gets mad. haha

We went trakting and trakted this super old woman who invited us into her house. She was so cute and her house smelled like her cat. We taught her about prayer and she couldn't understand a lot of what we were saying, not only because of the language barrier but because she is partially deaf. I asked what her cat's name was and *in detail* we got a story of where the cat came from, what kind of sounds it makes when it wants to come inside, and how long it has been hers. It was precious. She also gave us some donuts for the road and watched us walk down the street because she thought it was dangerous for us.Then 2 doors down I hop over a little piece of wood on a porch to ring the doorbell. Another very old woman came out and literally yelled at us asking if we were blind, and because of our religion, we intruded her yard, and we were stupid.  That was an exciting evening.

Then we met with our investigator A who at first said she was done with faith and didn't want the Book of Mormon anymore. We asked if we could just talk to her and throughout this on-the-edge-breakup, we calmed her down and she thanked us a ton for bringing her back to the world out of Hell. It was turned out to be a very spiritual time with her for a moment. Sestra Stokes shared a story that I was tearing up over. 
J is another investigator and we taught him the Restoration and it went exactly as planned. You know how you imagine how teaching will go before you actually go on a mission? Certain questions that will come up, how everyone will feel, etc?...His lesson was just like that. He is such a kind man. We're very excited for his progress.
This week we received a call from a member telling us the exciting news of a grocery store having an 'Ámerican Week' so we went there and bought muffins and pancake mix. The pancakes were phenomenal and I made maple syrup (Thank you Sister Young) and it was a nice piece of America. Long live 'Merica.
One time we were on a bus with the Elders and Starsi Vickers was talking to us about how crazy the language is. He said this "Geez! It's like you say the wrong thing, and you bless someone a chair!" we could not stop laughing. He is so right.

It was kind of funny that after all this time, the repair only took a total of maybe 40 minutes. Our repair man-Vladimir-was so cool too. We were studying at our desks which faced away from the kitchen where he was working. At one point he had to leave and come back, so as he was walking out he sang a little quiet tune saying "I'll return immediately" (vratím se hned). Once he left we were both laughing. He was so nice and now we are so warm! Sometimes I wake up in a sweat in the middle of the night. Its a comforting yet disgusting feeling. #blessed
LASTLY-we had a beautiful district konference on Sunday. At the end we (the sestry) were keeping the Jarošovi boys entertained in the back of the chapel because Sestra Jarošova was talking to other people. I can't tell all details now but there was a lot of chaos and at one point, Tonda grabbed a hold onto my skirt and almost pulled it off of me. Good thing that only me, Sestra Stokes and Eva saw the whole thing. It was so funny and I was so embarrassed!
Other than that, the work is great and Sestra Stokes is cool. That's it for Liberec. Enjoy this week!
s laskou,
Sestra Hale
Some cool graffiti

Our first photo together - it's going to be a great transfer!

One of my favorite street performers

Pancakes! America week at the grocery store.

That is ještěd there in the distance

This is a lake that we contact by sometimes.


we CAN be cute :) 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 37 , Liberec Round 2

If I were to explain Sestra Stokes in 3 words, they would be: Marry Poppins, random and funny. I love her and that's it. She also did my hair this last week AND made rolls and oatmeal bars for us. She's winning my vote all the way!

As for our water heater. I feel like this is a fun game for you all and us to figure out when it will actually be fixed. As of right now, nothing is fixed but Prezident is involved, and we bought space heaters that are phenomenal.

We met with a guy and his friend that I met on my second day here in Liberec on a bus. They ended up being super cool! We thought they were just going to waste our time but they were sincere, honest, and we talked about doctrine basically the whole time. It was great to teach them about our different message and about life after this. I love testifying to people, It's become one of my hobbies.

During lunch one day we walked into the town hall (the sign out front said that you could také free tours) so we got a free tour that started when we walked in! It looked so cool and we ended up going to the top of the tower and getting phenomenal pictures of Liberec!

E. M.is one of my favorite members. She works so hard throughout the week  that when she isn't working, she is either a phenomenal teacher and spiritual or SO FUNNY. We played signs at Family Night and she could NOT stop laughing. We were all falling out of our chairs. One day I might try to secretly record her laugh..that's allowed right?

Halloween for us was basically another day besides the fact that we ate eggs and ice cream for lunch, started fasting, cleaned the church building with the elders, and as we were talking to them during dinner hour, we had The Prince of Egypt soundtrack playing in the background. It was glorious. I painted my nails and wore all black except for my orange stripped skirt.

Who's excited for this next week? JA JO! ME! The weather the past 2 days has been glorious. We have seen the sun and earlier today we only had on cardigans. Score!

s laskou,
Sestra Hale

Liberec must have a council that meets often and discusses how to make Liberec more random. This graffiti is found everywhere in all shapes. Lots of cats, monkeys, hearts, and this elephant. 

The Radnice. We toured this. it was a really sketchy stair path to the top tower.

The view from the top tower of the Radnice.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 36 Transfers

Staying in Liberec! Sestra Bailey went to Brno today to be in another trio. Sestra Stokes came from Mlada Boleslav to be with me! She is so cool. I'll tell more about her later but for now just know that she loves cats and has cat attire.

We knew we would be out of our area a lot this week so we worked like dogs to make up for it. We set up with a ton of people, met some really cool people, planned a game night for the branch and members (WAY successful) and grew personally after a deep conversation together.

Our mainly progressing investigator is very occupied with finding new work. She's very stressed due to it but as Sestra Bailey and I sat with her and listened to her problems, we felt a calming spirit and were able to lift her spirit by texting members to ask if they knew of any work for her and we also held one of her mice. When we left she was smiling. We are praying for her to find a job a.s.a.p.

After a full day of teaching and seeing people and none of our lessons going through successfully, we talked about the spirit of missionary work being out the window. We talked about the opportunities we do have to meet with people and how to make the most out of them. After that conversation with Sestra Bailey, I realized that for the rest of my mission I will personally make an effort to be a representative of Jesus Christ. I only have 8 more months to randomly walk up to people and talk to them about sacred Gospel topics. I might as well serve with all my might doing it.

Training in Prague! Trainings are becoming a bigger deal. The McConkies are going home the same week as me so they are training and sharing their insights with all their might, the leaders right now are super inspired, and I have had enough experiences on the mission now to really apply the trainings into the work to benefit our branches/areas. We also had interviews with Prezident. He is such a good mission prezident, I wouldn't be surprised if he was called as an apostle one day. Then we weekly planned and...you guessed it...got lost in Prague again. Turns out, Sestra Bailey didn't really know what was going on her 1st transfer ehrn she lived there. I don't blame her. I would feel the same if I started out the mission in a huge city. We found our way though! All is well.

Visa work. I went off with Sestra Andreason and the Prague Sestry to contact for a second until Sestra Bailey's visa work was done, then we literally ran across Prague on the metros and what not to make it home in time for 2 lessons, then our game night! It was SO successful (so many investigators there) and we think everyone had a great time.

Lastly on Sunday we went to see several families. All are doing well and Sestra Bailey was able to say goodbye to everyone. OH YEAH! Saturday we painted the sacrament room in the church all day with the branch! It was so fun and a good chance to get to know the  M boys even better. We are a good painting team.
mám vás ráda!
s laskou,
Sestra Hale

Holding a mouse.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 35

Starting with Monday we went to the J family to do Family home evening. They fed us america burgers with deer meat. So good. Then we thought we had a train back at 8. Turns out we were stranded at the train station until 9 when the next train came. This was the bitterest of bitter nights and we were not clothed correctly. We finally get on the right train, take the wrong bus home, get lost, take another bus that gets us to a bus station, then take one last bus home and made it home.
WE ARE SO TRIED OF BEING KISSED AND HUGGED! We met this guy that is 28 and he thought we were so funny so we set up to teach him. He kissed our cheeks with a half hug then walked away. He comes to sit with us on the namesti and I have never been so bold with expectations before. I repeatedly said why we are here and he even laughed as he closed the Book of Mormon in my hand and asked about what we like to do. We repeated, "We talk to people about this book and Jesus Christ". After us being bold he finally was quiet and let us teach him. but good-ness. We just want to be good missionaries but I guess when we put out our hand in a handshake form, that is code for "hug me and kiss my face"
At our English class this week we wrote down a ton of random questions and wanted to answer them all randomly. One question was "what are 3 words that describe you?" Our man D answered "....hmm. Earth...wind....and Heaven!" This taught us the importance of making sure we are all on the same page when giving instruction. D is so funny.
A didn't have a lot of time to see us this week but she invited us over to her house to see where she lives and to meet her pet mice. We even pet one. She is such a cute little woman and is working hard to pay her rent. She already has great attributes of a committed woman. I wish I could help her raise money.
LASTLY...yesterday's church was so cool. There were so many members there and even a boyfriend of one of the members who doesn't ever come to church! THEN H was called to be the branch's 2nd counselor. H is a homie and is a part time DJ and knows some English and is 16 years old. I repeat, 16 years old! Sacrament meeting was really spiritual. Prezident Hanzal spoke about the process he went though as he received the promptings to call H as his 2nd counselor. Everyone is so excited for him!
Update: No hot water yet but we will keep you updated. Last night we moved our beds into the warmest room of our apartment. It was nice! Mom, Do not fret for I am calling the landlord today and demanding them to order and install the new water heater this week! They haven't communicated anything with us but our mission office is involved and knows all the details. and YES! There are 4 radiator heaters in our apartment. The water heater is linked to them so due to that being shot, no heat will run through those. I have 2 big coats and I always layer up :). No worries. 

Mám vás ráda a mějte se hezky!
-Sestra Hale

 Contacting on this path. We also once ran to the skate park over here and ran up and down the half pipes for morning workouts once. Notice how gorgeous the fall is over here!

No heater life. We named the hair blow dryer Filip. He is our best friend for now. This is me while doing language study.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 34 Highlights of the week

So many things happened this week and I only have time for highlights.

1. After months of sisters being here with little progression, we now have one amazing investigator who is on baptismal date and is so open and humble to have us teach her and learn with her. She is so cute and has pet mice..5 of them :)

2. There is an army of leadership here in this mission field working for the salvation of many souls. One time this week I was trying to write in my journal but couldn't finish a sentence because our STL and Zone Leaders called to talk to us and express their love and concern for the people we are working with. We have a glorious zone and inspired leaders to help us, help others.

3. Sestra H asked us to pick up some things for a girl we were going to visit. Upon arrival she gave us Jiff Peanut Butter and Pop Tarts. I have never loved those 2 items more in my life. The whole walk home Sestra Bailey and I were shouting "Americaaaa!!"

4. So our water heater sometimes works and we také showers with BURNING hot water, and sometimes it barely works with only a few seconds of warm water. We also have 0 heaters total in our apartment. So we snuggle up really well at night.

5. General Konference! It was so good. I have some pictures to show how we watched it. Everyone takes something different from konference because the Holy Ghost speaks to us individually. For me, I got the theme of taking Sacrament meeting and the partaking of the sacrament more sacredly. I also felt it very important to simplify our discipleship. We are all in this ship together:learning how the ropes work, understanding the direction, learning how to work side by side. As long as we have our Lord at the helm of the ship, we will be guided to zion together! ALSO I love being a woman. And I'm not saying I am marriage or baby hungry BUT I am excited to fulfill my role as a daughter of God and an earthly mother to adhere to the needs of my children.

6. I loooooove the members in this Liberec branch. I love hearing all the stories from Sestra M about every single photo in her phone, I love joking with A about taking selfies with his new shoes, I love running around the building with Sand making him laugh, and I love all the other members.

Good week and the transfer is almost over! We are going to make the next 2 weeks count and serve with our might
-Sestra Hale 

 We got fish pedicures for P-Day. Coolest and most ticklish experience ever.

 Watching General Konference (in English!)

 Trakting in the boonies yesterday...it was SO cold. This picture does not do justice.

 Watching Women's Conference.

Sometimes at night as I am bundled up and writing in my journal, I light my candle 
to keep my face warm.This is how it went last night.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Week 33 County your many blessings name them 1000 x 1000

Our water heater broke. Not only did it stop working, it sounded like a plane about to crash into the Earth. On top of that our heaters don't work and it is frigid in the nighttime/mornings. All we want as hard working missionaries is a hot shower. So we made the calls, a woman came to look at it, then a man later came, and it was fixed! We had consistently hot running water for 1.5 days. Now we are back to square one. In these times I think "At least we have running water. I bet the pioneers never had it this good"

We had a chalk Display this last week and DANG. I have never seen more success in 2 hours in my entire mission! We drew the dispensations on the ground and set up a table with pamphlets, Book of Mormons, and pass along cards. I have never witnessed people coming TO US before! There was a guy that came to look at the table so I swooped him up in conversation and started teaching him, then one of his friends quietly stood with us, then I turn around again later and another one of his friends was in our circle. It was an exciting time to rely on the spirit. One of them talked about a theory of the resurrection of Jesus Christ being a hallucination...He looked at me with curious eyes so I quickly referred to the pamphlet and said "I have never heard of that before, and I can't answer your question, BUT I will teach you how to pray so you can find out for yourself what is the truth" It was insane!

There is this man that works at a Kebab place. Our first time there we were talking to him and invited him to English class. Since then we have seen him on the streets and he told me randomly I have nice eyes then he said we should have dinner with him. This is when the expectations lesson is great-when in doubt, stick to Preach My Gospel! We need to talk about our purpose here early. yikes.

We wanted to heart attack this member's house and it was dark and we couldn't find it and we saw a creepy man in this panalok jungle. (Czech apartment buildings) so Sestra Bailey suggested we pray to find someone that could help us. Prayed-Boom. Then we turn the corner and 4 old guys are walking around. "Ï trust them" so we ask them, we weren't too far. Then one of them was actually an old man who is a member and has been on bed rest for a long time! He said he would see us at church on Sunday and lo and behold he came! Miracles-prayers work!

We did more service at M's house in Křížany. This time we brought P (13 yrs old and hilarious) and we took down the Jumanji in Martin's backyard! After a while I ditched the tools he handed us. I was sitting on these huge roots backwards to snap the root at the bottom then with my sestra strength I tore the bushes out of the earth. We got it all out and it looks great. Then M made us homemade tea. All that was in it was apples (from his tree) some plums (from a nearby tree) and water.  I have never had better tea in my life.

It's been a good week. I haven't seen Conference yet-it's next week for us. But I hope you all enjoyed it and you start applying it this week!
-Sestra Hale

 Ice cold water from our water heater

                                                                       We killed these bushes.

 This is our chalk display

 Waiting for the train

Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 32 Jejda

Monday:P-Day. All activities as normal. We went to the B's house for FHE and ended up being fed. They have 3 young boys who put us all in tears from laughter. They are hilarious. Also- the father looks like Jimmy Fallon. They are the coolest people!
Tuesday: We met with a man named Steve from the USA. He used to break dance-real life-and he kept trying to ask all these questions and I stopped and said "Steve, are you trying to stump us? ahah you can't stump the truth!" He is a cool man and has a good opinion about life. and then we told him we tried to make cookies but didn't have brown sugar. We told him it turned out AWFUL. Then Steve goes "brown sugar? I got brown sugar. I got loads of brown sugar!" Then I say "The man's got brown sugar!" Then Sestra Bailey goes "Steve, give us some of your brown sugar!" It was so funny. He's the man. It was so funny. I hope I told that well enough to know it really was funny if you read this too.
Wednesday: We went contacting on English at the university campus. We ran into that Ghanda man again and also we saw that lady I sat by on transfer day! Lucie! She told us to go visit her office sometime. She's so cute and looks like my mother. Shout out to Mamma Hale!
Thursday: Training in Prague (SO GREAT!) I love seeing old companions and newbies and getting spiritual questions answered. Then we went on an exchange from there. I jumped in the car with the zone leaders in H.K. and Sestra Hamblin. We were off to Pardubice! It was so fun. We mostly contacted and had one lesson with Č.  He is the man. Waz funnz too.
Friday: Morning workout with Sean T (a DVD). He is nuts and we MAxxed out! I was so dead afterward. I had to take a breather after my shower cause I thought I was going to hurl. Worth it! Then we had great lessons, we contacted, I met a muslim man and we ended up teaching him. But he might not be taught anymore. He's not very open.  Then we took a train to Prague! We switched companions then Sestra Bailey and I headed to the Prague building to watch Meet The Mormons and be with the Prague people. I saw Prez Ambrož from C-Bud! It was so fun getting to know the Prague members. Then Sestra Bailey and I crashed with the sestry serving there.
Saturday: THIS IS WHEN I STARTED TO FEEL SORE.  Sestra Bailey and I walked across the Charles Bridge/contacted to the church building. We may or may not have gotten lost, but all is well. There was a Relief Society thing and we stayed for that until the Baptism of S! It was so good and all the Liberec members were there basically and it was so great. S flew out of those waters and his mom was SO proud! Then we all took a bus back to Liberec. THIS IS WHEN I STARTED TO FEEL SICK.
Sunday: HUMP DAY!!!!! Church was so good. I was so sick and sore and weak. We taught a couple people then I had to call it quits. I had a fever and took a 2 hour nap and my face has been running ever since. Sestra Bailey is taking good care of me and the elders gave me a blessing.
Monday: Today it is great. We are able to continue on and the work shall go forward!
Its been a craaazy week and I feel like I wasn't in my area at all. It's been a real treat serving this week.
-Sestra Hale

 I saw J in Prague!

 His first Root Beer.

 I even caught a falling tear...
no worries.
I'm a warrior Sestra! 
but really please pray for me. I'm dying. haha

 With Sestra Hamblin. Shes the coolest missionary.

This is Č. He is the coolest