missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 42 Hellllooooooo December

All in favor of realizing the year of 2015 is flying by, raise your hand. My hand is raised. I can't believe it is already December.
This week we had a few really cool experiences. We met with our investigator P and he brought his girlfriend S. They aren't believers, they don't know anything about Jesus Christ or the Bible, anything. We taught the plan of salvation and at the end I felt like I should ask P why he was meeting with us. He replied "änswers". His girlfriend agreed. It turns out that they are in the best place to get answers. Each of our lessons has fallen back on prayer and how it is the main and correct source for answers. Im STOKED to keep teaching them and see them progress. This is true joy!
We also met with Z H on Saturday. Our goal for that lesson was to have her want to go to church the next day. We prayed, planned, and traveled there with this in mind. Before we even sat down and took off our jackets all the way she said it was time she came back to church. She said she missed it. I talked to her more about what changed and what led her to her decision. Z is SO COOL everyone! She is solid and realizes that difference of life with and without the church. Yay Z!
Wednesday was such a fun day. We started out with contacting, then studies, then contacting then studies then contacting then lunch then contacting, then contacting with the Elders then we taught English, then we contacted and ended the day with dinner with a former missionary and her parents. Best. Day. Ever. Sestra Stokes and I were so exhausted, mentally and physically, but honestly enjoyed the day. We taught a ton of people about principles in the Gospel and we laughed at the colorful ways we are rejected. I was sang to twice in rejection. I started to ask someone a question, they heard the word Jesus then literally sang the word "no" in a beautiful repeated melody as they walked away. Yeahhhh hahah
We are planning to do some finding up the wazoo in these next few weeks so our teaching pool is full during the Christmas week and after. We are setting expectations and getting creative in finding and learning a whole lot along the way.

Lastly, I am SO excited for the Czech traditions. They get crazy over here with fun traditions and sweet treats. Im not complaining :)
mám váa ráda!
s láskou, Sestra Hale

 An advent candle countdown. One candle lit each week.

 A nativity from my family.

New shoe inserts -- "I will walk 500 miles and I will walk 500 more"

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