missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 45 Transfers

I honestly could have stayed in Liberec for the remainder of my mission but it seems like I am needed in FRÝDEK MÍSTEK! Which is right outside of Ostrava. Ostrava! At first I was really sad but quickly and confidently I felt like Frydek was a beautiful new home. Fun fact, before Sister Behunin dies (goes home), she is still in Frydek with Sestra Scherrer...so we are in a trio for 2 full days before she dies!! I'm also here with Starsi Lanham again and Starsi Breyman from my MTC group--they are both training here!! 

Christmas was so different and we put all we had into it. The last 10 days with Sestra Fredrickson were full of miracles, fun, and adventure. We did Christmas visits to EVERY member where we shared the "A Savior is born" video and we testified. It was our Christmas present to them. Beautiful right? I wish I could explain better how the spirit was this Christmas season. Just know that I had a wonderful time and I know that Jesus is the Christ and he was born to start it all for us. I love him and He is my Savior. 

Today I met some little angels on the path to Ostrava. I first took a bus to Prague then got completely lost in travels to the main train station. (this was like the women's pull on the pioneer trek) I had all my life belongings for 1.5 years and I was wearing a coat to keep me warm. Except it turned against me and gave me what felt like a fever! Anyway, I talked to a very nice family from Virginia on a metro, I met Greg from Maryland and he gave me his map of Prague, and I met Jan on the 3.5 hour long train ride from Prague to Ostrava. He said this to me once after talking for however long "now you know everything about my life" he is so cool. He invited us over for Svičkova next time we are in Prague for a long time. I finally made it and I am so happy to be here! My new official companion is Sestra Scharrer. She is one group behind me. Oh! Also Sestra Stokes stayed in Librec and is corruptin....I mean training ;) and Sestra Fredrickson went to Mlada Boleslav. This has been a very surprising and exciting transfer change. Bring it on!! 

s láskou, 
Sestra Hale

A glorious video chat on Christmas morning with my family in Arizona!

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