missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 37 , Liberec Round 2

If I were to explain Sestra Stokes in 3 words, they would be: Marry Poppins, random and funny. I love her and that's it. She also did my hair this last week AND made rolls and oatmeal bars for us. She's winning my vote all the way!

As for our water heater. I feel like this is a fun game for you all and us to figure out when it will actually be fixed. As of right now, nothing is fixed but Prezident is involved, and we bought space heaters that are phenomenal.

We met with a guy and his friend that I met on my second day here in Liberec on a bus. They ended up being super cool! We thought they were just going to waste our time but they were sincere, honest, and we talked about doctrine basically the whole time. It was great to teach them about our different message and about life after this. I love testifying to people, It's become one of my hobbies.

During lunch one day we walked into the town hall (the sign out front said that you could také free tours) so we got a free tour that started when we walked in! It looked so cool and we ended up going to the top of the tower and getting phenomenal pictures of Liberec!

E. M.is one of my favorite members. She works so hard throughout the week  that when she isn't working, she is either a phenomenal teacher and spiritual or SO FUNNY. We played signs at Family Night and she could NOT stop laughing. We were all falling out of our chairs. One day I might try to secretly record her laugh..that's allowed right?

Halloween for us was basically another day besides the fact that we ate eggs and ice cream for lunch, started fasting, cleaned the church building with the elders, and as we were talking to them during dinner hour, we had The Prince of Egypt soundtrack playing in the background. It was glorious. I painted my nails and wore all black except for my orange stripped skirt.

Who's excited for this next week? JA JO! ME! The weather the past 2 days has been glorious. We have seen the sun and earlier today we only had on cardigans. Score!

s laskou,
Sestra Hale

Liberec must have a council that meets often and discusses how to make Liberec more random. This graffiti is found everywhere in all shapes. Lots of cats, monkeys, hearts, and this elephant. 

The Radnice. We toured this. it was a really sketchy stair path to the top tower.

The view from the top tower of the Radnice.

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