missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 32 Jejda

Monday:P-Day. All activities as normal. We went to the B's house for FHE and ended up being fed. They have 3 young boys who put us all in tears from laughter. They are hilarious. Also- the father looks like Jimmy Fallon. They are the coolest people!
Tuesday: We met with a man named Steve from the USA. He used to break dance-real life-and he kept trying to ask all these questions and I stopped and said "Steve, are you trying to stump us? ahah you can't stump the truth!" He is a cool man and has a good opinion about life. and then we told him we tried to make cookies but didn't have brown sugar. We told him it turned out AWFUL. Then Steve goes "brown sugar? I got brown sugar. I got loads of brown sugar!" Then I say "The man's got brown sugar!" Then Sestra Bailey goes "Steve, give us some of your brown sugar!" It was so funny. He's the man. It was so funny. I hope I told that well enough to know it really was funny if you read this too.
Wednesday: We went contacting on English at the university campus. We ran into that Ghanda man again and also we saw that lady I sat by on transfer day! Lucie! She told us to go visit her office sometime. She's so cute and looks like my mother. Shout out to Mamma Hale!
Thursday: Training in Prague (SO GREAT!) I love seeing old companions and newbies and getting spiritual questions answered. Then we went on an exchange from there. I jumped in the car with the zone leaders in H.K. and Sestra Hamblin. We were off to Pardubice! It was so fun. We mostly contacted and had one lesson with Č.  He is the man. Waz funnz too.
Friday: Morning workout with Sean T (a DVD). He is nuts and we MAxxed out! I was so dead afterward. I had to take a breather after my shower cause I thought I was going to hurl. Worth it! Then we had great lessons, we contacted, I met a muslim man and we ended up teaching him. But he might not be taught anymore. He's not very open.  Then we took a train to Prague! We switched companions then Sestra Bailey and I headed to the Prague building to watch Meet The Mormons and be with the Prague people. I saw Prez Ambrož from C-Bud! It was so fun getting to know the Prague members. Then Sestra Bailey and I crashed with the sestry serving there.
Saturday: THIS IS WHEN I STARTED TO FEEL SORE.  Sestra Bailey and I walked across the Charles Bridge/contacted to the church building. We may or may not have gotten lost, but all is well. There was a Relief Society thing and we stayed for that until the Baptism of S! It was so good and all the Liberec members were there basically and it was so great. S flew out of those waters and his mom was SO proud! Then we all took a bus back to Liberec. THIS IS WHEN I STARTED TO FEEL SICK.
Sunday: HUMP DAY!!!!! Church was so good. I was so sick and sore and weak. We taught a couple people then I had to call it quits. I had a fever and took a 2 hour nap and my face has been running ever since. Sestra Bailey is taking good care of me and the elders gave me a blessing.
Monday: Today it is great. We are able to continue on and the work shall go forward!
Its been a craaazy week and I feel like I wasn't in my area at all. It's been a real treat serving this week.
-Sestra Hale

 I saw J in Prague!

 His first Root Beer.

 I even caught a falling tear...
no worries.
I'm a warrior Sestra! 
but really please pray for me. I'm dying. haha

 With Sestra Hamblin. Shes the coolest missionary.

This is Č. He is the coolest

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