missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 36 Transfers

Staying in Liberec! Sestra Bailey went to Brno today to be in another trio. Sestra Stokes came from Mlada Boleslav to be with me! She is so cool. I'll tell more about her later but for now just know that she loves cats and has cat attire.

We knew we would be out of our area a lot this week so we worked like dogs to make up for it. We set up with a ton of people, met some really cool people, planned a game night for the branch and members (WAY successful) and grew personally after a deep conversation together.

Our mainly progressing investigator is very occupied with finding new work. She's very stressed due to it but as Sestra Bailey and I sat with her and listened to her problems, we felt a calming spirit and were able to lift her spirit by texting members to ask if they knew of any work for her and we also held one of her mice. When we left she was smiling. We are praying for her to find a job a.s.a.p.

After a full day of teaching and seeing people and none of our lessons going through successfully, we talked about the spirit of missionary work being out the window. We talked about the opportunities we do have to meet with people and how to make the most out of them. After that conversation with Sestra Bailey, I realized that for the rest of my mission I will personally make an effort to be a representative of Jesus Christ. I only have 8 more months to randomly walk up to people and talk to them about sacred Gospel topics. I might as well serve with all my might doing it.

Training in Prague! Trainings are becoming a bigger deal. The McConkies are going home the same week as me so they are training and sharing their insights with all their might, the leaders right now are super inspired, and I have had enough experiences on the mission now to really apply the trainings into the work to benefit our branches/areas. We also had interviews with Prezident. He is such a good mission prezident, I wouldn't be surprised if he was called as an apostle one day. Then we weekly planned and...you guessed it...got lost in Prague again. Turns out, Sestra Bailey didn't really know what was going on her 1st transfer ehrn she lived there. I don't blame her. I would feel the same if I started out the mission in a huge city. We found our way though! All is well.

Visa work. I went off with Sestra Andreason and the Prague Sestry to contact for a second until Sestra Bailey's visa work was done, then we literally ran across Prague on the metros and what not to make it home in time for 2 lessons, then our game night! It was SO successful (so many investigators there) and we think everyone had a great time.

Lastly on Sunday we went to see several families. All are doing well and Sestra Bailey was able to say goodbye to everyone. OH YEAH! Saturday we painted the sacrament room in the church all day with the branch! It was so fun and a good chance to get to know the  M boys even better. We are a good painting team.
mám vás ráda!
s laskou,
Sestra Hale

Holding a mouse.

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