missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 40 -- This week

How was this week? Spiritually challenging and powerful. For those of you who know what this means. we hit standards!
This week we had an Exchange and this time Sestra Hamblin came to Liberec with me. It was so fun and we had a few miracles including finding Pavel who ended up coming to church and genuinely loves it all AND running into an investigator Pavla who we put on baptismal date because she already knows it is true. Its been a fun time. This week Sestra Stokes and I have bonded on deep levels of embarrassing moments.
Also this week, we found out that Sestra H's baby was stillborn. I don't think I could explain what we have felt as we have been helping the branch members keep their faith strong, but seeing the H family at church alone was a testimony to me that when we commit ourselves to the church and Christ, nothing can stop us. All members of the church are like a big family but for a second I would like to talk about the branch members here in Liberec. They are tender to tragedies, they support one another in their callings, they are wonderful teachers and attend activities when they can. They are not perfect, but they do their best. I am grateful for the example of the H family to strengthen my commitment to the church. I know that they too have understood more of what it means to rely on the church in times of trouble. 
This past Sunday's sacrament meeting was so special. It was also the primary program. Which consisted of 2 eight-year old boys and S who is maybe 3? It was so cute and everyone felt a special spirit there.Even the investigators who came.
At game night we played Dr. Who Risk. That experience affirmed my opinion on Risk and Dr. Who. I am not a fan of either haha. It was actually fun but I wouldn't do that on my own again.
This next week we are celebrating the second annual Thanksgiving here in Liberec! Last year was a hit and all the food was hosted by America. This week will be full of baking and cooking. Someone anonymously appointed us, the sisters, to roast a 14 lb Turkey. We also nominated ourselves to take on rolls, cookies, and deviled eggs for 50 people. Pray for us and enjoy your own Thanksgiving!
mám vás ráda!!!
-Sestra Hale
Blue White and Red, for Paris. lit up every night.

Dr Who Risk

Making Czech sweets.

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