missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 34 Highlights of the week

So many things happened this week and I only have time for highlights.

1. After months of sisters being here with little progression, we now have one amazing investigator who is on baptismal date and is so open and humble to have us teach her and learn with her. She is so cute and has pet mice..5 of them :)

2. There is an army of leadership here in this mission field working for the salvation of many souls. One time this week I was trying to write in my journal but couldn't finish a sentence because our STL and Zone Leaders called to talk to us and express their love and concern for the people we are working with. We have a glorious zone and inspired leaders to help us, help others.

3. Sestra H asked us to pick up some things for a girl we were going to visit. Upon arrival she gave us Jiff Peanut Butter and Pop Tarts. I have never loved those 2 items more in my life. The whole walk home Sestra Bailey and I were shouting "Americaaaa!!"

4. So our water heater sometimes works and we tak√© showers with BURNING hot water, and sometimes it barely works with only a few seconds of warm water. We also have 0 heaters total in our apartment. So we snuggle up really well at night.

5. General Konference! It was so good. I have some pictures to show how we watched it. Everyone takes something different from konference because the Holy Ghost speaks to us individually. For me, I got the theme of taking Sacrament meeting and the partaking of the sacrament more sacredly. I also felt it very important to simplify our discipleship. We are all in this ship together:learning how the ropes work, understanding the direction, learning how to work side by side. As long as we have our Lord at the helm of the ship, we will be guided to zion together! ALSO I love being a woman. And I'm not saying I am marriage or baby hungry BUT I am excited to fulfill my role as a daughter of God and an earthly mother to adhere to the needs of my children.

6. I loooooove the members in this Liberec branch. I love hearing all the stories from Sestra M about every single photo in her phone, I love joking with A about taking selfies with his new shoes, I love running around the building with Sand making him laugh, and I love all the other members.

Good week and the transfer is almost over! We are going to make the next 2 weeks count and serve with our might
-Sestra Hale 

 We got fish pedicures for P-Day. Coolest and most ticklish experience ever.

 Watching General Konference (in English!)

 Trakting in the boonies yesterday...it was SO cold. This picture does not do justice.

 Watching Women's Conference.

Sometimes at night as I am bundled up and writing in my journal, I light my candle 
to keep my face warm.This is how it went last night.

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