missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 35

Starting with Monday we went to the J family to do Family home evening. They fed us america burgers with deer meat. So good. Then we thought we had a train back at 8. Turns out we were stranded at the train station until 9 when the next train came. This was the bitterest of bitter nights and we were not clothed correctly. We finally get on the right train, take the wrong bus home, get lost, take another bus that gets us to a bus station, then take one last bus home and made it home.
WE ARE SO TRIED OF BEING KISSED AND HUGGED! We met this guy that is 28 and he thought we were so funny so we set up to teach him. He kissed our cheeks with a half hug then walked away. He comes to sit with us on the namesti and I have never been so bold with expectations before. I repeatedly said why we are here and he even laughed as he closed the Book of Mormon in my hand and asked about what we like to do. We repeated, "We talk to people about this book and Jesus Christ". After us being bold he finally was quiet and let us teach him. but good-ness. We just want to be good missionaries but I guess when we put out our hand in a handshake form, that is code for "hug me and kiss my face"
At our English class this week we wrote down a ton of random questions and wanted to answer them all randomly. One question was "what are 3 words that describe you?" Our man D answered "....hmm. Earth...wind....and Heaven!" This taught us the importance of making sure we are all on the same page when giving instruction. D is so funny.
A didn't have a lot of time to see us this week but she invited us over to her house to see where she lives and to meet her pet mice. We even pet one. She is such a cute little woman and is working hard to pay her rent. She already has great attributes of a committed woman. I wish I could help her raise money.
LASTLY...yesterday's church was so cool. There were so many members there and even a boyfriend of one of the members who doesn't ever come to church! THEN H was called to be the branch's 2nd counselor. H is a homie and is a part time DJ and knows some English and is 16 years old. I repeat, 16 years old! Sacrament meeting was really spiritual. Prezident Hanzal spoke about the process he went though as he received the promptings to call H as his 2nd counselor. Everyone is so excited for him!
Update: No hot water yet but we will keep you updated. Last night we moved our beds into the warmest room of our apartment. It was nice! Mom, Do not fret for I am calling the landlord today and demanding them to order and install the new water heater this week! They haven't communicated anything with us but our mission office is involved and knows all the details. and YES! There are 4 radiator heaters in our apartment. The water heater is linked to them so due to that being shot, no heat will run through those. I have 2 big coats and I always layer up :). No worries. 

Mám vás ráda a mějte se hezky!
-Sestra Hale

 Contacting on this path. We also once ran to the skate park over here and ran up and down the half pipes for morning workouts once. Notice how gorgeous the fall is over here!

No heater life. We named the hair blow dryer Filip. He is our best friend for now. This is me while doing language study.

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