missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 38 Poslouchej

I always say "Poslouchej" to Sestra Stokes. It means "listen" and she always gets mad. haha

We went trakting and trakted this super old woman who invited us into her house. She was so cute and her house smelled like her cat. We taught her about prayer and she couldn't understand a lot of what we were saying, not only because of the language barrier but because she is partially deaf. I asked what her cat's name was and *in detail* we got a story of where the cat came from, what kind of sounds it makes when it wants to come inside, and how long it has been hers. It was precious. She also gave us some donuts for the road and watched us walk down the street because she thought it was dangerous for us.Then 2 doors down I hop over a little piece of wood on a porch to ring the doorbell. Another very old woman came out and literally yelled at us asking if we were blind, and because of our religion, we intruded her yard, and we were stupid.  That was an exciting evening.

Then we met with our investigator A who at first said she was done with faith and didn't want the Book of Mormon anymore. We asked if we could just talk to her and throughout this on-the-edge-breakup, we calmed her down and she thanked us a ton for bringing her back to the world out of Hell. It was turned out to be a very spiritual time with her for a moment. Sestra Stokes shared a story that I was tearing up over. 
J is another investigator and we taught him the Restoration and it went exactly as planned. You know how you imagine how teaching will go before you actually go on a mission? Certain questions that will come up, how everyone will feel, etc?...His lesson was just like that. He is such a kind man. We're very excited for his progress.
This week we received a call from a member telling us the exciting news of a grocery store having an 'Ámerican Week' so we went there and bought muffins and pancake mix. The pancakes were phenomenal and I made maple syrup (Thank you Sister Young) and it was a nice piece of America. Long live 'Merica.
One time we were on a bus with the Elders and Starsi Vickers was talking to us about how crazy the language is. He said this "Geez! It's like you say the wrong thing, and you bless someone a chair!" we could not stop laughing. He is so right.

It was kind of funny that after all this time, the repair only took a total of maybe 40 minutes. Our repair man-Vladimir-was so cool too. We were studying at our desks which faced away from the kitchen where he was working. At one point he had to leave and come back, so as he was walking out he sang a little quiet tune saying "I'll return immediately" (vratím se hned). Once he left we were both laughing. He was so nice and now we are so warm! Sometimes I wake up in a sweat in the middle of the night. Its a comforting yet disgusting feeling. #blessed
LASTLY-we had a beautiful district konference on Sunday. At the end we (the sestry) were keeping the Jarošovi boys entertained in the back of the chapel because Sestra Jarošova was talking to other people. I can't tell all details now but there was a lot of chaos and at one point, Tonda grabbed a hold onto my skirt and almost pulled it off of me. Good thing that only me, Sestra Stokes and Eva saw the whole thing. It was so funny and I was so embarrassed!
Other than that, the work is great and Sestra Stokes is cool. That's it for Liberec. Enjoy this week!
s laskou,
Sestra Hale
Some cool graffiti

Our first photo together - it's going to be a great transfer!

One of my favorite street performers

Pancakes! America week at the grocery store.

That is ještěd there in the distance

This is a lake that we contact by sometimes.


we CAN be cute :) 

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