missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week 43 Basically just preparations before Christmas

This week plus the next few weeks will be crazy due to the fact that Christmas is right around the corner. We are setting up appointments now so that we are busy later and can still work close with our investigators during the season. Sestra Stokes and I are also personally preparing by 1. we got our nails did today 2. we are opening presents from her mother on the 12 days countdown to Christmas 3. we are reading/discussing my homemade Jesus title countdown every day 4. we are partaking in delicious hot chocolate or trdelníky (sweet bread from heaven) on the streets when we can and 5. listening to a ton of Czech Christmas carols and some Michael Buble Christmas edition.

This last week we were asked to go to the Jedličkovi for some service. They are preparing M's room to be painted so we basically cleaned/moved everything in there to prepare. I swear, I have never stumbled upon so many random treasures at once before. We found legos, money, phone card chips, phones, socks up the wazoo, and many more everywhere! It was really fun and will look so good when it's all painted.

We went to Zuzka's house this last week. It started out quiet and calm then once her son M (my favorite child) woke up, all craziness broke out. There was mysterious green much painted on the wall, there was M who kept hitting Sestra Stokes and I, the two kids were opening and closing out umbrellas onto Sestra Stokes leaving her almost soaked. It was so funny. The miracle was that we had just enough quiet calm time to teach our object lesson and discuss it until everyone went wild. Zuzka is the best

On Sunday we had what they call 'fat Sunday' which is basically potluck. There was a 6 layer dip and chips, řízek (czech fried chicken), potato salad, cider, a ton of cukrovy and cookies and soda. We were all so full but it was so fun to spend time with the members here. I feel like we are family. Then we watched the Christmas Devotional all together as we digested.

Quick miracle of the week- we have been trying to meet with a less active this entire transfer (7 weeks). She moved and then didn't know her address then wouldn't reply then FINALLY she asked us if we could come over. A. her new apartment is so cute and beautiful B. her children are doing well   C. We were able to ask M bold questions to finally understand what she wants and how we can help her.Even though it was chaotic with her baby being squirmy, her daughter being energetic, and all other things, it was a very fun and special time to understand her.

Fun fact, I think I am at the point where I don't fear being bold 24/7. I hope it doesn't scare my companion but I call people out all the time. Meaning, I am tired of asking questions to try to get to what we want to hear. The other day I asked someone why he said something 2 weeks ago, what he wants, and what our purpose was when meeting with him. It's time to get some answers! I can apply this in the rest of my life. I plan on being bold from here on out. I will ask what I need to ask to get the answers.

Sestra Stokes and I are SO excited for Christmas. I love you all and hope you are also preparing for Christmas with your families and  I would encourage you to study, watch, read about the Savior's birth. Keep in mind why you personally celebrate Christmas and what is means to you to know that the Son of God was born. He is the gift for the world. If you want to see something cool, look up vanoce.mormon.org  . I'm sure this is in English somewhere but I only know of this Czech site.  (in English, click here )
-Sestra Hale
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