missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 39 Tooth Acupuncture and Power Hour

Get this. On Tuesday we went to Prague on an emergency dentist trip. Sestra Stokes ended up getting her nerve extracted from her tooth. It was terrifying to watch. At one point the dentist stuck 3 needles in Sestra Stoke's tooth, took an X-ray, then LEFT THE NEEDLES IN HER MOUTH to go look at the x ray for a second. I looked at her with fear. She had no idea what was going on because she was numb. I told her to constantly keep her mouth wide open. Crazy right? The dentist and assistant laughed when we asked to take pictures. That's pretty cool that Sestra Stokes lost her nerve on her mission.

Once at a past training, a missionary explained a hard working contacting hour as a 'power hour' That has been a theme that has stuck with me. This week was that theme in action! We did a cool chalk display and I truly was worm after constantly talking to e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. We taught a ton of people! POWER HOUR. This also happened later in the week. Those are my favorite hours and sometimes I dread starting them because of my lack of faith...but I know if we talk to everyone we can, SOMEONE will be placed in our path that we can invite to come unto Christ. Once I contacted this man and he said he already read the Book of Mormon. I tried to get his opinion out on the table so we could dissect it and serve the truth but he continued to slander the book and ask if I have read it. "of course I have read it, I'm a missionary" He told me that it was a lie and a shame to the church. It is these moments that my bosom is on fire and my testimony is exploding within. There is no man on earth, no power or tragedy that could change my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I have received my own answer that it is the word of God, not only once, but multiple times as I read and study it. It makes me sad that those who reject it are so closed to the idea of this historical record of Jesus Christ's teachings with the people on the American continent. Its not fair to themselves to reject it. -This is one reason I am a missionary.

Our investigator J is so cool. Our member was late to our lesson with him and as we were walking to a nearby bench I told him that I had a favorite street performer and he was playing nearby. So J goes 'would you like a song?' WHAT!?!! Apparently he knows my favorite guitar man and he asked him to sing a song for us Americans. Now whenever I see the performer we say hello. Back to J, he is so cool and we only had time to do a building tour with Sestra H. It was beautiful and perfect and he should be coming to church this next week. It's so cute because he says he doesn't have the clothes to come to church. But listen, do you think Jesus would care more about your clothes, or that you are following one of his commandments by coming to church? :)

It's been a great week. Sestra Stokes knows a lot of the Sons of Provo songs by heart and frequently raps them to me. I want to be like her some day.

MÁM VÁS RÁDA!!! -Sestra Hale

p.s. We just got invited to go to Eva M's house for dinner tonight. Who is excited?? I cant wait to laugh with her!! She is like the czech/older version of Raven Simon.
Also, we bought a Christmas tree and a flower topping for a grand total of 2 dollars!
We only have a few more minutes on these computers but just to let you know, I will send pictures later. These library computers won't allow any attachments.

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  1. Pani! Tak takhle to chodi! Ja myslel, ze se Ti libim a ona to byla power hour :-). Jeste ze jsem na Vysocansky musel vystoupit :-)