missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 54 TRANSFERS !!!

Sestra Scharrer went to Slovakia and is training there. I am staying in Frydek Mistek and ALSO TRAINING!!! We are pretty excited and will be traveling a ton. After church on Sunday I tried explaining our travel plans for the next few days to 2 members who were asking and one of them about had a horse. Wednesday after training Sestra S and I had interviews and found out where we are going/doing for transfers. Thursday-Saturday, Sestra S packs up her life. Sunday after church we take a train to Brno. Sestra S switches trains to head to Bratislava in Slovakia and I stay there with Sestra Bailey and her greenie. Sestra S makes it home safe and I have been in Brno since. Its a huge busy place. I have a heart attack with how many people are everywhere always. Ostrava isn't even like that. It's more spaced out. THEN Tueday, tomorrow, we head to Prague and are in the mission home by 5 for a trainers meeting. Wednesday we meet and take our greenies home. Wednesday night we will finally be home. madness!! Everyone is so excited for this transfer. Next week I'll include details and pictures of the new power district we have! 

This past week we had a rather normal week. Training was the obvious highlight. Prezident McConkie had some announcements at the beginning. Included was the announcing of the new mission president. President Pohořelicky...something like that I think haha. This is HUGE because the church here is so strong that the Lord was able to call a CZECH HIMSELF to be the next Mission President! He lives in Třebič and is amazing. His wife is beautiful and they look awesome. Our whole mission is SOOOO excited!!! Then Prezident McConkie basically testified/taught about Joseph Smith. There is so much material against the man, the prophet Joseph Smith, that it was time we just refresh and reconvert ourselves on the TRUTH of the Prophet of the Restoration, Joseph Smith. It was amazing. Then, Sestra McConkie shared a great TED talk about power posing/faking it till you become it. Then the AP's taught about planning with investigators and keeping them involved in the entire teaching process, then more and more and HOLY COW ITS ALL JUST SO GOOD. I can't describe these things as well as they truly are. Forgive me.

We had branch conference which included Prezident McConkie and his wife, Elder Alder(a 70 from Holland) and his wife, and Prezident Tichon who is the Brno district prezident. This conference wasn't only amazing and full of beautiful testimonies and life experiences and power, BUT MIRACLES! We had an investigator kind of randomly show up and stay for all of conference, one of the less actives we are working with went to a ball on Saturday night and looooves her sleep-we told her how much of a big deal this was going to be and told her it was worth losing sleep-SHE CAME and loved it! Sestra Kolkova taught about self reliance and had wonderful teaching tactics with object lessons and examples. Yesterday was one of the best church services I have experienced on the mission. 

This next transfer is going to be a spiritual adventure. I am going to help organize this area, find the right people, and build this branch. I'm ready for it, I hope my new companion is ready to hit the ground running!
-Sestra Hale

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