missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, February 8, 2016


Real quick, last P Day after going to the tower at the town hall with the elders, Sestra Schaerrer and I had a few free hours and didn't want to waste it. So we found ourselves wandering around Ostrava. We saw the Ostrava Castle, we went to the top of the tower on the main naměstí in Ostrava, where we also attended the museum under the tower, and we had enough time to eat dinner at a nice restaurant. Just Sestra Schaerrer and I. P-Day Success!
We had an exchange in Pardubice from Thursday to Friday. On Thursday I served with the greenie Sestra Anderson. We were running all around teaching and contacting. We taught a Romanian recent convert. He taught me the word for sand in Romanian - nisip. (We went over the wise man and foolish man and taught about having a firm foundation) On Friday I was with my mother-Sestra Clark! We ran to an old castle in the morning (coolest run I have ever been on) and then taught another Romanian man who is SO COOL! We also contacted one direction, We also met a man and we taught him as we walked to the other side of Pardubice. surprise surprise, he is also very cool! Both of these men are on baptismal date. There are miracles on exchanges. 

Upon returning home from our exchange, we got ready for sports night and played badminton. This was the first time I have ever worked up a sweat playing badminton. It got intense. We also played the most intense and funny game of basketball.
As for people we are teaching:
E! We met him last Saturday. He is such a real person-he thinks carefully and deeply, he cares for what is said and he understands the importance of what we are teaching. At the end of teaching the Restoration of the Gospel, he said a long and beautiful prayer. (I think. It wasn't out loud but I felt it was a good prayer.)
M! We contacted a random potential we have in the phone. She is also a very down to earth and deep thinker. She asked us a few deep questions and we were able to testify to her how she can receive her own answers. 
Both of these investigators want to come to church next week (weren't able to yesterday) So we are very excited.
Last thing: our former investigator J invited us to celebrate his birthday at his sisters house with him. We all traveled out to a place that I know is very close to the Poland border and had cake, talked about the war, etc. J's sister has a beautiful family, home and life. We are hoping to be able to teach them asap.
This week I hope you all fill your extra time with activities that are worthwhile. Life is tough and short, so let's make the most of it!  RADUJTE SE!  ENJOY YOURSELVES!!!
mám vás ráda!
Sestra Hale

Our English Class

Our white board of words at the end of the class.

 Ostrava Town Hall Tower.

A typical Tram stop.

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