missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 53 Blankets

I don't know if I have been updating you all about this but in the past 2 weeks Sestra S and I have come up with an idea, organized small details, handed everything to the Relief Society, picked colors of the fleece with the RS prez (who has her own fabric store) and have done a little paperwork in order to pull off a service project for the Salvation Army. Fun fact, this was what our humanitarian missionary couple are calling "a trial run". The church hasn't been able to do anything with the Salvation Army here in the Czech Republic. So this project has the potential of opening many doors to further service with this organization! Are you all familiar with the fleece-tie blankets? You get 2 pieces of fleece, and cut slits on all edges, then tie the fabrics together. Its super easy, fun, and simple. After 2 weeks of social media help and announcements in church, the activity came to pass! We had a GREAT turn out. Even the elders and some other priesthood took part in the fun. At the activity we all made 12 blankets. 7 were taken home by various members and were brought back on Sunday at church. We are all talking about doing the remainder individually or even going visiting teaching with the fabric! We are hoping that this is easy enough to bring a blanket to a less active's house and sit there for 20 minutes chatting while tying knots. Very fun service project. None of the members have seen blankets like this before. They were saying comments like "I want one of these for my own!"


Sestra Schaerrer and I went on our own day trip. We took a bus to Hukvaldy. Its an old ruin/castle/thing. The weather was horrible for a hike but that didn't stop us. We were hiking in thick fog and the castle was closed so we took a trip around the entire outside of it. This trip quickly turned into one of the funnest photo shoots I have ever been a part of.

As for investigators. L isn't interested in being baptized but we are still meeting with her to teach her English, ending with spiritual thoughts.
We haven't seem E for 2 weeks due to bad communication but I really hope he shows back up soon. He is such a good guy.
We had a GREAT lesson with a man. The BoM is super interesting for him. He told us about the first 5 chapters in detail then we only had 10 minutes to teach the entire restoration. Nothing is impossible when you have the power of the Holy Ghost in the room. That was a very good lesson and he has a lot of praying to do. From his beautiful and first prayer in our lesson, I don't think it will be hard for him to receive an answer from the Holy Ghost that what we are teaching is true. That was the best lesson we have had this transfer.

Fun fact, it was misty, raining slush, and snowed a ton this week for a couple days. Today it is sunny, windy, and perfect weather for a lighter coat. Czech weather is insane.
Next week we have training and transfers...what will happen, we do not know!!
-Sestra Hale

I seriously LOVE you all. There's always random emails, letters, and words of love being sent my way. Thank you for EVERYTHING.

Buying fabric for the service project. This is the Relief Society President in her temporary store.

The Service Project with the Salvation Army. We had 3 rooms going on at once.

 We had an expensive evening on the top of the Bolt Tower, which is a cafe at the very top of the Vitkovice mine. 

 An man we are teaching English. His daughter is posing in front. They are SO awesome.

Photo shoot at the Hukvaldy Castle.

 For our cultural night, our district went on a tour of the Marlenka factory. (Armenian honey cakes). These are the samples. It's like HEAVEN ON A PLATE !

Posing in the snow.

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