missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 50 Usual Craziness

It has been a busy full and exhausting week. I have realized that this is the most tired I have been during my whole mission. I blame the fact that every Sunday we lose sleep by having to catch a train at 7:31 in the morning and training days involve a ton of traveling early and late in one day. WORTH IT. Training was so good and we have been motivated to bringing the Spirit to everyone. This last week we have had a few chances to meet with less actives. They are all doing well and it was really nice, especially with J to ask her why she wasn't coming to church and ask her what we can do for her spiritually. We are also working with M to help him prepare for the temple. Last night we were all at the M family for dinner and discussion on the temple. The temple was taught/talked about quite a bit. Bratr M basically took off in his opinion about this and that and missionary work and the time to sit down and relax before church starts. We love Bratr M. If I honestly had time and the ability to be in tune with Czech for hours on end at once, I would take notes on his wisdom. I love his testimony and experiences and advice.
Let's talk about the schedule for our training in Prague real quick. 
Awaken: 1:15 to shower and prepare for the day (Sestra S was convinced we should wake up super early because if we miss our train, we miss training)
Leave house: 2:50
Train: 3:17
Layover at main train station in Ostrava: 3:49-4:31
Train: 4:31
in Prague: 8:15
Training:10-3:30 (including lunch and the worldwide missionary broadcast!) 
Train home: 5:46
Layover at main station in Ostrava: 9:08-9:53
Train home: 9:53
HOME: 10:45
We decided to fast one day this week to find an investigator. Although still recovering from our travels only 2 days before we fasted and obediently left our house to have a power hour of contacting...FASTING WORKS! We were contacting about the classic Joseph Smith. We met a man and taught him about the restoration. He was so nice and he is in Frydek Mistek on the weekends for work. He might have children, etc. So awesome. We will see him this coming Saturday :) 
Fun fact, Sestra Schaerrer and I have been fed the past 2 days and today are severely suffering. We are now carrying on our person Tums at all times because of the pains. An investigator made us buhty (sweet roll with jam and cream and sugar) and she kept feeding us! We basically ate a plus treeand loaf of bread collectively. then YESTERDAY we went the the Moravcovi. I didn't count but this is a good estimate: 6 bowls of (sourkraut/meat) soup, 4 slices of bread, one orange, 3 cups of tea, and 4 buhty (some with jam and some with poppyseed) Oh and 2 cups of RC cola. This is SO typical. Sestra Moravcova always makes eye contact with us and says "take more!" 
Its been an adventure once again. 
Until next time, mám vás ráda!!! Na shledanou! 
-Sestra Hale

 We went to Vitkovice. The big mine in Ostrava last P Day for a tour.

My model to show that the weather has changed. As it does every week! Its nice windy weather nowadays 
and green again. and always wet.

 Layover in Kunčice train station. All alone at night for a half hour!

 Game night! That is Rudolf and Starsi Lanham playing an intense game of ping pong.

The main namesti in Ostrava.

We went out to the Prague lookout before training. we came here to hear the story of how the Czech members fought for the church during communism and how they fought 40 years for us to be here today! Ask me about this story later. It's good :) 

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