missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 55 Brno Baby!

As you all know I was in Brno at the beginning of this week because Sestra Bailey and I were waiting to pick up our children (new missionaries). So we worked in Brno regularly until we departed for Prague, had a great meeting with all 16 of us trainers, then headed to dinner with the McConkies. That was a treat-We all love the McConkies. Then we came home to Frydek Mistek, had a great lesson with recent returned missionary Zuzka and our investigator, who dropped us. It was a good lesson, but also sad. We have since been running around like usual, talking to everyone, teaching when we find and finding when we teach. We also made another trip to Brno for district conference. That Saturday night session was AMAZING. Elder Boom and his wife from Holland came and we had a beautiful meeting. ---ask me about these meetings sometime. I took good notes but don't have enough time to write them down---- Then we slept over at the sisters' apartment and went to a big rented conference center to have the official district conference. I saw so many random members that I've seen here and there throughout the mission. I saw the elder that served in the MTC and ended his mission while we were there, I saw Zuzka Jedlickova, and so many others. That was also an amazing meeting, of which I also took good notes during. I really liked what Elder Boom said about changes. He said they are good and he hopes (for example) the new mission president does things differently because that's how it works. We hold on to the good and build of on that. We need changes in life in order to become better disciples of Jesus Christ. 

On the way home from the conference, we sat in a train cabin with Sestra Galičkova and Adita (one of the elders' investigators) Sestra G is one of my favorites. We talked about this and that, we got to know each other, give advice to each other, and laugh a whole lot together. She is a hoot and Adita is also a sassy hoot. It was so much fun to be stuck on a train with them and get to know them! I want to teach with Sestra G so bad-she has a great background and is very strong in the church.
Surprise surprise, we will be going to Brno again this week for Sestra Witzel's progression training. But this will only be a one day affair (thank goodness) SPEAKING OF -  Sestra Witzel is a hoot and SO READY FOR THIS MISSION. Her second full day in the field with me she asked if I could only speak Czech to her...later in the week we were weekly planning and she easily led a lot of it without being asked to or asked what she thought. She is like a gazelle in this work. We are running! And this week we have on plan to fast and find ALL DAY  LONG in Frydek Mistek to build our area here. Its going to be so good and we will harvest the people here to find the ones who we know are ready.
Thats all, regular craziness, and I love you all.
-Sestra Hale
 Coolest wood statue ever.

 My companion is a little jet-lagged.

 Me and the new Sestry.

 Party in Brno with Halušky and the Sestry!

 Polish/Czech Republic border in Český Těšin!

The coolest YW activity/new beginnings event I have ever seen. The Young Women here are SOOOO great.

Mission language - Sestra Clark with her 2 daughters (my mother and my sister)

Sestra Clark's grand daughter and my daughter. Sestra Clark just going home, Sestra Witzel just arriving. 

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