missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 52 The day we went to Poland

So I started numbering the weeks when Melanie arrived in Europe. She has been in the country for 52 weeks, but actually has been on her mission for 60 weeks, well over a year. --C

A cool experience we had was finding a less active yesterday. We don't have cars in the mission except some of the senior couples and 2 of the zone leader companionships. So yesterday after church, we take a 30 min. bus ride to a place we have never been to before. We walk for an hour straight looking for this house. We were on the right street the whole time but the number system is UNBELIEVABLY CONFUSING. It would go from house # 45 to house # 2 then back to house # 1022.....tell me how that makes sense. Anyway, we FINALLY found her house after almost giving up. She is super nice and was busy so we set up to come back on Wednesday As we were leaving, we ask, "Hey, how close are we to Poland?" And she said, "It's right there just down the street" We told her that earlier we had been joking about how far we had walked and the trees we could see were probably in Poland, and she just looked at us and said, "They are." We were literally 3 houses away from the Polish border. So before turning around we went to Poland and took some pictures. 
After teaching Miroslav about preparing to enter the temple, we took our dinner hour and went with him to Frydek where the annual pig slaughter was happening. Sestra Schaerrer and I didn't fully understand what we were getting into but the show we went to was so random. We sat in this elegant room, a 13 year old wizz on the accordian played a few songs, the leaders of the function introduced and gave flowers to some people, then we were all led to another room where there were displays of how the pig slaughter happens, the tools they used back in the day, and pictures of current slaughterings. Cool right? Oh! They also had different meats from the pig served on tiny pieces of bread. I accidentally ate pig head. NEVER AGAIN.
I met a lady on a bus this week who found familysearch.org by chance and was able to use this resource to find her Italian grandfather and much more!! She HIGHLY favors this website and has a testimony of it. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!?!!  She said she heard of this website but didn't know it was for "normal people" like herself.
It has basically been a solid week of this mission. Full of strangers crying and hugging us saying we are sympathetic, a pagan investigator coming to church, a loving thigh rub from Sestra Benčikova in the middle of Relief Society, playing basketball with 2 pro high school kids and 6 American mormon missionaries, contacting on a tram, being hit on and asked for weed, working out with Sean T Insanity in the morning, dying from over feeding at member's houses, and man hunting members who aren't currently active. I'd say its been a successful week. 
Zatím se mějte!
s láskou, 
Sestra Hale

 My favorite grafitti in Frydek Mistek

 Mysterious meat on bread.

 He's the coolest and in the Branch Presidency

We went to Poland!

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