missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 49 Blombergova and that tram ride

There were many highlights of this week. I made a goal to talk to at least one person on every transportation. Including the train ride. It was so much fun! We met a man who traded frogs, we met 2 girls from Brno that cross country ski, we met a man with long curly hair and a dog (I always love a good session of dog petting. It reminds me of Lexi who I miss)

BUT the real highlight was when Sestra Schaerrer and I were on a tram. We were going from one part of Ostrava to another part. 30ish minute tram ride.  I contacted a lady on that tram. She was coming back from the hospital where her sick baby was. I then asked if she was a believer and she responded "I pray but that's about it. I don't really know what is there but I believe praying can help". It was perfect because I KNOW praying works. I told her that all will be okay and I told her that God loves her and knows her situation. That was a different and special spirit I wish I could always feel in every contact.I could tell she felt it too. Then an old couple got on. The man sat by me and the woman sat by Sestra Schaerrer right behind me. I was talking with the old man. I asked him if he was having a good day. He said "Of course, I have a wonderful wife, I am always good" He was so sweet. The funny part was that I couldn't understand him well because he was so old and he couldn't hear me because his ears were also aged. I repeated myself a lot as I spoke to him and smiled when I couldn't understand him. --come to find out, his wife and Sestra Schaerrer were laughing a ton because his wife said "Your friend can't understand my husband, and he cannot hear her". It was so nice and when they got off they both stood there and waved to us :) THEN a man came on and I said hello to him. His face immediately lit up. He was a jolly man. He laughed a ton and said he wished pretty girls like us taught english in Olomouc where he was from. Awkwardly I told him he could be taught by the Elders there and he should just imagine them with long hair and skirts. We all laughed and he was so nice. 
All in all, I love tram/train contacting. It's always an adventure.
The other highlight was Sestra Blombergova's house. All 6 missionaries at this woman's house. She loves having us over because she loves cooking for us and she is an empty nester. She is the cutest and funniest woman. She made us homemade svičkova!!! I have 6 knedliky (dumplings) There is a record for the most knedliky. It is 24 and I pray I will never have the ability to reach that. Czech food is SO heavy. Especially this plate. Anyways, after that Starsi Lanham whipped out his guitar and we sang a few songs for her. Then he did a few solos, then we literally ran to catch a tram to our next appointment.

P.S. It has been cold all week but there were only a few times I was BITTERLY cold. I'm only a desert rat. Once it snowed, all was fine. but below freezing is where we are at nowadays. I'm accustomed to it. (I don't know how to translate the word zvyknout into english but I know its something like "getting used to something") 

Anyway, that is all from Sestra Hale.
I still love this area and my comp Sestra Schaerrer. She is a hoot and we love it here. Over and out

Bitter, bitter cold and still loving it.

 The best hot juice I have ever had.

 This is the main station in Ostrava. We are always there.

We spotted a snow turtle! They're a rare species and are extinct in the summer. 

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