missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 28 -- Week 1 in Liberec

There was a random festival in the namesti this week. We were told about it and invited by one of the people who was in charge. We went and there were shacks of all the different minorities living in the Czech Republic with FOOD from their native lands! Dinner hour was spent well. We had Egyptian food, Jordan food, Ukrainian food, and more but we honestly have no idea because the countries were written in Czech so we just trusted the food was safe and continued onward. A funny experience there was at the last shack we wanted to know what country they were representing and then they spoke to us in English. Sestra Bailey goes 'what country is this?' the girl replies 'The Czech Republic' We are just SO grateful that we finally know where we are. This European business can get so confusing sometimes! hahah

We went to Prague to do my 2nd visa work. It took forever and it was once again nice to see Starsi Smith and the Holts from the MTC. While there, we set up with a lady named H who just recently moved to Prague from Liberec. Apparently she is homeless in Prague. She moved there to be homeless. In my opinion that is taking the homeless life to the limit! I'd love to wander those streets. Anyway she was cute and we had a good time.

Yesterday we had a 'maybe' lesson and then contacting for many hours on end. We found the house of a man who doesn't go to church anymore and met him and his wife but they were too busy so we are going back next week. Then we walked to -not even kidding- the opposite side of the world over by the zoo and contacted all the way there. Liberec got way prettier and fancier. It was a nice Sunday stroll :) It reminded me of Central Ave except prettier and there were tram tracks in the street. Once we made it to the top of the hill by the zoo we looked at our watches and said 'woof' its only 5:30. Lets keep going! So we continued on, talking to everyone, then a man was walking by this open window inside his house so fearless Sestra Bailey yells up to him and guess what......he tells us to give him company while he painted the eave on his home. Sure? Why not. Turns out he is way cool, from Slovakia, is a surgeon, wants 2 children of his own and wants to adpot one, and has seen miracles in his life. Probably the coolest man ever. Sure he didn't have a shirt on but we didn't mind, he was a better looking man. ANYWAY it was way cool and he thinks my future job is way cool. Once he understood what exactly I want to do he laughed and said woah, thats cool! So we will see him again and he wants us to throw a garden party at his house.  Sure!

Liberec is so fun. We have random friends all around this town. Alena at the ice cream shop, Mariola (Polish woman) from the mattress store, Filip (Vietnamese man) from the nail shop, and Marek from the wine shop. We love visiting them all at work-when its not busy of course.

Okay lastly, today for P-Day we went up to Ještěd. It's a hotel and observation tower at the top of the highest mountain around. We walked up some of it, took a ski lift (that thing flew 15 miles per hour I swear) then walked a mile to the top! It was a cool, nice view. THEN we rented those Dr. Seuss type Scooter-Bikes and rode down the mountain! I had a Styx song stuck in my head the whole way down. "Flash! duh duhhh" It was so cool and random. 
Mám vás rada! Pamatujte že jste dětí Boží a on vas miluje. Pokračujte ve víře během tohoto tydnu.
s laskou,
Sestra Hale

This is Ještěd ! Why the shape? We don't know.

And we rode these crazy scooters all the way down the mountain. 

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