missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 26 It's already Monday again

Surprise Surprise! We are having the time of our lives. We promised with each other to talk to everyone this last week. What did we do? We were crossing the street left and right talking to everyone. We were consistently trying to contact referrals, we did not just 'set up a trap' for people on a bus, but we attacked and bus contacted! What are the results? MIRACLES EVERYWHERE. In all aspects of the work too! We got through 2 complete lessons with 2 people who always talk about who knows what during our lessons, we now have 3 new people to visit and teach, and we are happier as missionaries and are enjoying the work. We both said "so THIS is what a mission is supposed to be like. I feel like a true missionary!" Its super rewarding. What can we learn from this? If life is boring and just puttering along, let's kick it up a notch and work harder or fulfill our callings more, let's all turn outward and help others. That's the most rewarding work.
oh! fun fact. My 1st companion from the MTC who was going to Macedonia emailed me this morning! She is currently serving in ALBANIA and loving it! She is in an actual ward with a primary. They asked her to help them teach music. She is looooving it over there.
Weeeeeeee have been teaching this lady named V. She is SO normal and we always teach her at her home. Which is rare most of the time. After watching the restoration film we were answering her many good questions then the time felt right. I suggested a baptismal date---the thing is that I remember giving her the date but I don't remember how. I remember feeling very calm and then the Czech came out. Fast forward to the next day. Sestra Daugirda said that baptismal invitation was b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. I don't remember what I said but I guess it was perfect czech....Speechless and grateful.
The weather is SO nice. We surprisingly got a storm the other night and it hasn't stopped raining today! It's cold and wet. I've been warned that it will only get colder from here except for a week and then the bitter humid winter starts. Yay!
Bahahahahahahah we just came from a lesson with 94 year old Sestra C. She collects a ton of random things in her house. One of them is straws. Used or not...So Sestra Daugirda got this 4th of July package with American straws. When sister C opened her eyes to our surprise...she squeeled and then we took pictures! IT WAS SO FUNNY AND CUTE. This lady will be in my memory for eternity. The cutest fragile and most solid member in the church. She said "I am grateful everyday that I can read and that I am strong enough to go to church. I will go until I physically can't go anymore".  I'm not complaining but if the world were full of Sestra C's...we would be the best humans ever!
Mam vas rada a doufam ze mate hezky tyden! 
-Sestra Hale

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