missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, August 3, 2015


You know how you grow up your while life hearing about crazy hard times on a mission and don't think much about it because you don't know what everyone is talking about? WE HAVE SURVIVED A WEEKEND OF THE WORST! All I know is that we press on in the work of the Lord. BrInG iT oN.
It started on Friday when the M came to game night and by the end the children were going nuts! We tried to have a spiritual thought to end the night but it just did not work. I won't go into details but what are the symptoms for ulcers? we were so stressed. Then we went to a lesson with V. Our usual spot was full of rave music and some kind of convention so we awkwardly went to sit on a nearby tree with him and try to have a lesson that we felt so good about when we prepared it. Then BAM! The elders had an emergency with someone fainting at the building and they were there alone which is  'no no' with a woman and missionaries. So they kept constantly calling asking what they should do. Sister Daugirda was on the phone the whole time and I continued teaching V on the go including reading a scripture and testifying. It was so bad. and the fainted woman randomly just got up and left to go home and we were just so stressed and had no idea what to do. After a call to Prez. McConkie all was well. It still took about a half hour before we didn't feel nauseated from stress and overwhelming responsibility and worriedness. We prayed long and hard that night. All was well.
Saturday morning. Our new favorite and baptismal date investigator drops us over text.
Sunday. There were 7 members at church. The members that were absent didn't tell anyone they would be absent so here are the responsibilities we had to do as missionaries:
Starsi Needham. He is the 1st counselor in the branch presidency. He conducted, presided, and played piano. Literally so funny to see him announce everything then slide to the piano then back up to preside. 
Sestra Hale. That's me: I taught Relief Society to the 2 members and one visitor from Plzn. 
Sestra Daugirda: She taught primary with Terezka (recent convert) to the 2 visiting children. 
Starsi Lanham: He found some old freezer burnt bread from the freezer, warmed it up, and prepared and set up sacrament.
WE FASTED all Sunday to have a great prepared spiritual lesson with V. We felt so spiritually pumped. We fasted for this woman. We go to her house, catch up for 5 minutes. We are about to pray then BOOM. The adversary plays a move and her ex boyfriend comes over and ruins all our plans so we ended up sitting there just getting to know them. Nothing taught but us telling him we don't drink alkohol.
When all falls through, we are convinced that is evidence of a miracle about to happen. BRING IT.
To end on a good note: V (the punk who was baptized recently) wore a white shirt, slacks, black shoes, and a tie to church! He came and it wasn't tucked in then right before sacrament meeting he tucked in his shirt and looked SOOOO handsome. THEN HE PASSED THE SACRAMENT! I was literally in tears from happiness and gratitude. That was a sweet tender mercy. I don't know if he has passed the sacrament before and we have been suggesting to him to wear the right clothes to pass the sacrament for a long time. 

mám tě rada a doufám že máte štěstí během tohoto tydnu. 
s laskou, 
Sestra Hale

 This is after all the missionaries ran in a Huge group to the train at Karlstejn!

  I'm in a dream. literally.
 All I wanted was to take a picture at Karlstejn. Then my elders saw my actions and reacted accordingly. We all love our reunions! MTC GROUP! 
For about 3 minutes we were all walking together and laughing and saying how cool it was to be together again. We said things like this: 
Then someone remembered our Slovak friend.
where the Cahoon?.....
 While tracting: this house looks like a boat.

 He's from Arizona! He is the one that came here to do research, started a 2 year long 
process, and might be co writer for a fancy science article. Going to U of A! Also-taught with 
us once and helped our english classs. The coolest guy!

This is sister Hamblin that I am related to thanks to the love of Ben and Kelsee! (my cousin and her cousin got married this year!)  She is so cool. I wouldn't mind serving with her. We would laugh all the time. and work Hard.

We walked her to church yesterday. She is the most precious thing ever !

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