missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 25 Už je to lepší (It's better)

Thank goodness for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sestra Daugirda and I had an anniversary this week of when we went through the worst moments of our missions together last week. Thanks to the hard work we have been doing, and for the consistency of the work that is needed, we have had a better week. Non of our investigators were in town due to free time off work BUT that is good because it allowed Sestra Daugirda and I to get creative with our finding.
The voice recordings will tell you all about the crazy/funny experiences this week BUT I want to tell about a spiritual experience sister Daugirda and I shared. Right before one of our lessons, we were both mad and weren't focused and were angry at each other to the point of silence. Then walks in our wonderful A (picture attached) During that lesson I realized HOW to apply Jesus Christ into my life. I realized that as we are given weaknesses or battling our inner natural man, we were given the example of Jesus Christ to look up to and become like. During that lesson and throughout testifying of the book of mormon and weaknesses, I choked up during the lesson and felt an immediate sense of peace. Sestra Daugirda had the same kind of experience. We both learned from each other and from the Spirit and from our investigator. That entire lesson was not previously prepared. It was all by direction of the spirit and I will never forget it.
This is the BEST time of my life. Even though we are constantly dying in the heat with no escape, I am learning about Jesus the man and how I can become like him. I know it now more than ever. 
Mam vas rada! 
-Sestra Hale
  Our AMAZING investigator A! She is always so cute. We usually feel so frumpy next to her cause she is so super cute. And very honest and genuine about what we teach. Shes basically perfect

 Thoughts while taking this picture:  (This is the Hluboka Castle taken last week on P Day)
Ha....I serve here?
THIS is what P Days are?
Where are we? 
Who does this??
My family has GOT to see this in real life. 

We did service for E this week. Well...Sestra Daugirda and I 
did a whole 2 minutes of cutting up 5 rolls of bread for her goats. 

V surpsise went trakting with us for a few hours. Since when did V become all nice and willing to be out in the sun with us to go trakting!?! He actually did very well. He didn't talk much but he did ring the bells to people's houses several times at once.

 Today's adventure: This is what we came for. Yes this is a huge slide out in the middle of the forest. 
The best 14 seconds of anyone's life.

Fun ádrenaline' activities on the way up. We could stand on moving pieces of wood or a wire. And look in the background-we were at the very tops of these trees in the forest! So High!

Our lunch. The train station ended up being further than we thought so we had no time for lunch. Good thing Terezka was there though! She whipped out these mint/candy things...yay lunch!

At the top! Somewhere in that direction behind us is America..or Sweden. 
I honestly don't know which way West was up there.

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