missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 29 This is why sisters came to Liberec

Before I share Melanie's regular e-mail, I wanted to add a couple of funny sentences from her note to me this morning:
"Yes, I will have a hard time pronouncing English when I am surrounded by it again. Its hard for me to even tell stories. I'd rather say 'vubec'; rather than 'at all' haha"
"OH! Mom I had my first ENTIRE dream in Czech last week! It involved me running around in  a swimsuit trying to stop a wedding. haha-- but all in Czech nonetheless!"

Earlier this week, we planned to call people who used to be taught in years past. We break out the binder and WOAH. I cant believe how the elders lived. Those papers were all over the place and it took me 50 minutes to chronologically organize 1,000,000 papers from 1999-now. The whole time I thought "This is why sisters moved into this area. It's about to get REAL organized in here!" I was appalled.

There was an old lady we were talking to while trakting and her neighbor from across the street was taking out his trash. She definitely had the hots for him. It was so cute to watch her get all giggly.
We found a perfect potential to teach, she was someone we have been envisioning in our minds for the branch, we exchanged numbers, we even fasted for her, then we get a text that she isn't interested to meet with us. Fasting doesn't always bring miracles, but it does bring answers. We know that we don't have to waste any time with her. She's simply not ready yet.

ZJ is an Returned Missionary and just recently moved to Olomouc to go to school. The other day we called her to see how she was doing. She loved that. Then she called us the next day to share a missionary experience with us and lift our spirits with a thought. What a woman. I want to be like Z when I grow up!
We went to Prezident H's house for dinner. They ordered in a TON of pizza and he kept making all this homemade root beer with his own soda machine. It's called Soda Stream. Buy it now. It's amazing. It was fun to get to know them and to build a relationship with him so we can work better as leaders to help the branch here. They are a great family. I also want to be like them when I am older.
CULTURE DAY! V is a member here. I mentioned her in the past. She is basically the head of a horse ranch/hotel/restaurant. She organizes all sorts of weddings there and festivals. We went to their biggest festival of the year. (We also went the day before to help clean/set up for the festival) It was so much fun! Due to our missionary schedule we couldn't go when V sang with her old band or watch the other performers, BUT we went right when it opened, had classic Czech food. (look up laksoba...laskoba, laboso) something like that. It's a huge Czech bratwurst, bread, and mustard. Classic. Then we watched a horse running competition. They ran around 3 barrels, and in and out a line of rods. It was so fun to watch. I got more into it than I thought I would. Maybe the Cowgirl life is the life for me? Still trying to figure that one out. It was a ton of fun.
We also made Zucchini bread and surprised visited some of the members with it with an uplifting thought. Just because we love them so much. They are so great and cute and happy here! I love the branch members :) Get ready for stories in the future involving the M family. They are a hoot.
Sestra Bailey and I are having the time of our lives. We are truly enjoying the work. Tonight we are making our own zucchini bread and watching Legacy during dinner hour while sitting on our futon. So excited. It's like sleepovers all over again. But missionary style.
Mám vás ráda MOC!!!
s laskou,
Sestra Hale

American shirt, horse, cotton candy which is the size of my torso! HAPPINESS!!

Culture Night. I love horsies now.

 "Dad - 'Czech' out this fire hydrant!" 

 Dinner at our Branch President's house.

 "It's freezing here - how's the temperatures in Phoenix?" (OH Melanie, that's just MEAN! You know good and well we are still suffering our summer temperatures until Halloween!)

 Kofola. horses, kalbosa, Czech people, etc

This is my companion everyone - Meet Sestra Bailey!

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