missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 23 Zazraky, Karlstejn, and My Baptism!

Fun fact: I was baptized ON THIS DAY, 13 years ago! What a blessing to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. I am thankful for all that has happened since my baptism. What an exciting time to be serving God!
Cool experiences with people:
We went to A's house that we teach and she wasn't home so we were just talking to her neighbor who we have seen a ton. I waved to one of her little girls running around and she is mentally ill in some sort of way but the SWEETEST thing since ever. So once I waved to her she just ran up to me and grabbed my hand and took me everywhere. We walked to her mom, to her brother who then told me his life story, then as we were talking to the neighbor this little girl was hugging me and I started to dance with her, which she loved, and we really has a sweet moment. She is the cutest thing.
We met with V who we committed to study the Plan of Salvation pamphlet before this lesson so she did and our entire lesson consisted of her going page by page asking the best questions I have ever heard. She is really into this Gospel and wants to make sense of it.
Bratr K came teaching with us which was amazing because he is amazing and sick with cancer but still made the sacrifice to teach with us. Then on the way back he asked if we wanted to see his wife (who hasn't come to church in a few years) YES. Goodbye trakting. You can wait. We met his wife and saw where they lived and saw what they do for a living and he invited us over for dinner sometime. THIS BRANCH IS CHANGING! There is something in the air and we can feel it. There are miracles that are about to be released.
The funnies: 
While trakting, a huge dog escaped its fence and ran up to us with a mohawk of anger on its back and the second it was next to us it was silent and jumped up once but I chopped it down by its throat because I knew Sestra Daugirda was deathly scared of huge dogs. We both remained calm and she even teared up it was so scary. We literally almost died. I never thought that would actually happen on a mission.
Saturday was a weird day. Mostly for Sestra Daugirda but it just was NOT the day. In the morning I fixed her favorite necklace and gave it to her, she was so happy, then while putting it on she broke it again. Next at lunch she made a salad and half way though her salad she noticed bugs on her spinach. So she decides to make rice and lo and behold a bug is dead in her rice box. She repeatedly exclaimed "Thats it. I'm done! I quit!" Then we were out contacting and instead of wishing someone well as they walked away from us, she said "mejte se krista!" which means "Have yourself Christ!" Then she stepped in dried throw up. I tried to warn her but I was too late. THEN we bought ice cream. Classic. Vanilla and Raspberry. THEN MINE BEGINS TO FALL! I manage to punch it with my wrist, onto my dress, then to the Earth. It just was not our day. 

I wish I could explain the  history of the church in the Czech and Slovak area as well as it was explained there at Karlstejn. All I can say is that I am more than grateful to serve here and I am grateful for the sacrifices other made so that I would be called to these areas to share the message of Jesus Christ and his church to the people today. Unbelievable. Sorry I can't explain it. Next time you see me, ask me and I will tell you how it was to reenact what happened July 24th, 1929. It was so spiritual - like the temple.
To all who wished me a happy birthday in letters -- thank you! I LOVED it! 
Take care and have fun this week. We deserve to enjoy this life !
-Sestra Hale

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