missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 19 The moths are attacking!

Funny story, Sestra Daugirda and I were talking one night and the only light on was in our living/study room. S. Daugirda all of the sudden hops like a bunny in fear over to me in the lighted room because something was in the kitchen where she previously was. It was a huge nasty moth! ---now I don't remember this because of the fear controlling me at the moment---but I guess I dodged to where she was, moved her out of the way so I could find safety in our bedroom. We were both squealing like babies. I then found courage to kill it so I grabbed a notebook and tried to find it, turning on and off different lights. Nowhere! It must have flown back out the window. Except we are still living in fear that it is in our apartment somewhere waiting to attack us in its flight patterns.
Our new district is sometimes painfully awkward. Probably just because we all don't know each other very well and maybe our personalities aren't all the kind that naturally mesh together? that's Fiiiine, I secretly have a plan to crack the awkward beans out of everyone so we can have a good time. A lesson I have found important is to just Hug every situation and laugh through all the weird times. That way, they will all be good times :) 
Enough with that, bad weeks only mean that miracles are around the corner. Haaaaay, BRING IT! 

Sestra Daugirda is the cutest thing from a fairyland. S. Behunin previously served with her and we quoted S. Daugirda a lot last transfer. She says things like "Im going to scream" and "oh my dear goodness" Its phenomenal and sometimes we just laugh at how funny she is. ALSO talk about testimony on everything! Its such a blessing to get a companion who has a strong testimony on things that you have been working on and having doubt about. We are about to get real with the spirit. Seriously it is going to be a transfer full of miracles and we are planning to give it our all to see the miracles.
We are teaching a guy who has a baptismal date for the 18th and we are soooo excited. We asked him the other day why he wants to get baptized. His response "..because this is Christ's church.." That is a good answer ladies and gentlemen. 

Fun Fact to end the email, I finished 1 Corinthians this morning. What a great few last chapters! I never knew Paul talked to the people about their grooming of hair. Odd, but that's Paul. He also was saying to the people that he had faith to move mountains, he had a gift of speech, but he lacked charity and that meant he was basically nothing. It is so true, if we all had charity and acted in charity towards one another, think about how different life would be.
Mám vás rada!!!!!!!!
-Sestra Hale
p.s. go big on the 4th of July. I'll probably eat ice cream to celebrate.

Our new district - Photoshoot!

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