missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 15 Training and Movie Night

There were a few highlights from this last week. 
First off we had a training with Elder Kearon from the 70! He is soon to be President over the European Region or something like that. HOLY COW does that man bring the spirit. He taught so much, covered all aspects of how to better serve this mission. He is also a very normal genuine man. He sat by me at lunch and asked about my family and how we all are. He is so fun and has a very cool conversion story. 
Then Saturday night we had MOVIE NIGHT! Since we had branch conference on Sunday President McConkie came Saturday with some of his family and brought "Meet The Mormons". We invited our British investigator . He loved it. We also had interviews while the movie was playing. President McConkie is so great. He is so wise and fun and helpful and I am thankful for him and his family to be the leaders of this mission. BUMMER: We found out that he will go home(released from his mission as mission president) on July 1st 2016 and I go home July 7th. Six days! He said we will still have an interview before he leaves but my actual departing interview will be with the new president. Weird! 
We had branch conference which was great. Members from Plzen, Kradec Kralove, Jicin, and Prague. Why were they all there? Who knows. We were so blessed to hear from President Ambroz(our prez here), President Pilka (Prague branch president) and President McConkie (misison prez). It was so nice to have a full chapel and wonderful speakers.
Fun stories: We met with M again. There is a picture of him and us. He is the cutest! He also brought us both white roses. He is so sweet and loves the Book of Mormon. 
We met with K to help edit her lyrics in English. Then to pay back she gave Sestra Behunin a massage. Right there on the ground in our kitchen/classroom with blankets, candles, music, and a pillow. She is practicing Thai massages for a job so we are happy to serve :) I get my massage next time we meet with her. Yay!
May is over! oh...please disregard one of my recordings when I announced it was the last day in May but indeed it was not. There are 31 days in May not 30. Other than that enjoy! I love you all! 
Prosím dejte mí vědět když máte něco zajemavý v životě :Please let me know if anything interesting happens in your lives! 
I love you all! Try to be the best member missionaries you can be this week. Try it out. It's pretty fun to be a missionary :) 
S Laskou, Sestra Hale

C-Bud Missionaries on the Namēsti.

Scooters on the Namesti (city square).

 Dr. Seuss style "Bikooter"

 Me and M.  Cutest old man alive. Next to my grandparents ;)

Roses from M

 My 2 areas - aka my 2 'homes'

 Wednesday morning English class. We love them so much. they loved our lesson last week of all the dumb words in English that sound exactly the same but are different. For example: but vs. butt      or       through vs. threw.   

Our Vylet (excursion? outing?) today. It was last minute so I have no idea where we were or what the place is called. Pretty though! They had pet swans in the mote. Swans and their baby swannies.

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