missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 18 Transfers

I am Staying in České Budejovice and Sestra Behunin left. She is on her way to Ostrava. We were SO sad. My new companion is Sestra Daugirda! (Dah-grr-duh).

Well last week we hit standards. We worked like wild mammoths to finally hit our weekly goals of teaching certain people and having people at church and BAM! We did it! It's so cool how Heavenly Father works. Our entire 10 weeks together we prayed, fasted, prayed, suffered, worked, worked and worked, so that we could have some success from our labors. It took 10 weeks but we finally did it and are on a GREAT starting track for this transfer. It is going to be SO good! BRING IT !

Yesterday we had a konference in Prague. It is like Stake Conference back home except it was for ALL members who could come and some Slovak members too. It was huge and amazing. Elder Kearon of the Quorum of the 70s was there again and some other wonderful members of the area. The talks were amazing. I couldn't pay attention to them the whole time though because I sat right next to one of our recent convert families with a hyper active child and I basically had an ulcer from trying to help them with reverence. But it's fine haha.

The weather is sooo nice here. I keep forgetting it is summer time because I am often holding an umbrella over my head or wearing a long sleeve blouse or cardigan. I am hearing that back in AZ it is hot hot hot...I am so grateful to be in this weather here ;)

Nothing too exciting to report. I am way excited for this transfer because I realized only a few weeks ago that I am naturally getting lost in the work. I am forgetting the life back home because I am so in love with working with the people here. The missionary effort is huge in this country. I know that our background knowledge of the organization of the church is important and can help the members here. My testimony of true disciples of Christ has grown. There are so many sacrifices being made in order to have this branch here function. We really are searching with the Spirit to find people who will build the branch. I could not be happier to be a part of this work. Especially with my new companion! She is so cute. I already love her.

-Sestra Hale

p.s. Also Lindsey Williams, Owen, Hazel, Shannon Wheat, Aunt Lauri, Suzanne, and Sister Pickerd: you are all SO great for writing me a note. Thank you :) I love hearing from you all !!!!!

p.s. Oh! For those who want to, I want to hear about girls camp! Send me something that was the highlight of the week, something that built your testimony, and something that was hilarious. (note: Melanie doesn't know I had everyone at camp that knew her write her a note, already in the mail today. But if I missed anyone, or if you think of anything else to share about camp, send her a note)

p.s. I love you all AND I'm sorry for being late but no one celebrates Fathers day here...SO HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD! You are the coolest example to me of being a cheerful person, a misisonary. and a hard worker. I am grateful for all the principles you have taught me over the years. I also love your letters. And you. Have a wonderful next year of being a great father to 4 amazing children/all the kids in primary who love you! ;)

Melanie writes a group e-mail (above), but also writes some personal notes home. Here are some additional excerpts from her other e-mails this morning:

 "also-  did you know they do not have brown sugar here? I am afraid I will never be able to make my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe here.  Hmmm . . . a birthday present wish list item!  I've always wanted brown sugar for my birthday!!"

"Oh my gosh mom, Rachel told me about grandpa remembering that I am his fav. granddaughter. That is so awesome!"
Note -- Melanie's 92 year old Grandpa has some severe memory loss issues - to the point that he often doesn't remember his own sons. The last time he visited our home (sping 2014) Melanie was teaching him a trick - every time she came through the house, she would introduce herself - do you remember me? I'm Melanie, your favorite grandchild! After doing this many many times, she would sometimes quiz him. Do you remember my name? I'm your favorite grandchild. "Marian?" "No Grandpa, but it does start with an M. I'm Melanie, your favorite grandchild" Occasionally he would get it right. We all thought it was a funny parlor trick to get him to repeat that while he was here. Melanie's cousin, Tristina, was caring for him in Utah recently, more than a year later -- Here is what she shared: Earlier today Grandpa and I were talking about his kids. He asked where everyone and their family lived, and how they were. I gave him a little update (as much as I knew) about marriages, births, moves, graduations. We got to Melanie, and her going on a mission. He says "Oh, that's wonderful. My favorite granddaughter is Melanie." 

Surprise party for my 6 month! Hahah I love this district! Inside this box was the leftover cake from Sestra Behunin's one year party!

My Namesti (city square) 

We contacted on temples information. It was awful. Awkward because we were holding a HUGE picture, and weird because it is a deep subject to whip on someone first contact. Next time we practice before jumping into that.

 THANK YOU Dorothy Finn for the year supply of stickers! I am about to Go To Town with those !

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