missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 17 Come Fly Away with Us

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY RACHEL TANNER! I literally love you so much and I can't believe you are 21! My birthday wish for you this year is to A. not have any car problems the entire year B. all of your schooling will be a breeze with your hard work and perfect grades and C. that you can write the coolest rap in history about being 21. Then when I return I will beat box to it as you rap. Just like after high school every day when we would walk to my car. I love you! 

This week literally FLEW by. It wasn't until Friday that we realized a lot of our lessons fell through and the week was almost over. That is something I have learned--not everything will go our way and that is absolutely okay. When our goal is not the number of things we can accomplish in one day but rather on how much of a difference can we make in one day, the work gets easier. I think this can be applied to life outside of a mission. When someone cancels on a lunch date, or when your To Do list doesn't get fully accomplished, or when an easy work day turns into a stressful one, what can we do to turn our situations into opportunities? I'm stoked to keep learning things here to apply in the life back home.
I had VISA work this past week. We went to Prague, there I met the Holts and Starsi Smith. The office Elder Kleiner took us to this place to get our VISA work started. All we had to do was hand over this folder of previously organized and notarized documents. The only things was waiting before we could talk to someone! It was so fun to catch up with Starsi Smith and his area in Olomouc. So after 1 million hours there, I passed! I can stay in the country. We will have to go back 2 more times until we actually have our Visa card though.
Sestra Behunin had her 1 year mark! The Elders bought her Medovnik. That is honey flavored cake. Czech cake. She was so happy and we also went out to eat with our mission leader since it was right after our meeting with him that we started celebrating. Speaking of...our new Branch Mission Leader is Bratr Křešníčka! He is THE MAN! Whenever I see him we always mess with each other. So we are excited for his help in the work!
We are teaching this new man. He was contacted by Sestra Bailey on an exchange here and we have met with him twice since then. The first time was great-he was really into the history of the Book of Mormon. Then we invited him to church and he ACTUALLY CAME! He really loved Priesthood and asked a lot of questions there and so after church we asked if we could meet-only preparing to talk to him about church and how awesome it was that he came-then the Holy Ghost swept us off our feet because we talked about the Sacrament, our covenants with God, then Baptism. We gave him a date and we are so excited because he is really willing to learn all these new things. Yay!
WE HAD A BBQ! We as missionaries threw it and have been planning it since week 3 of this transfer. It was AMAZING. The food was delicious, there were so many non members there, and the talent show was full of funny, weird, and truly talented people. My favorite was the short hand writing from Vlad'ka's mom. Also the Měšťanovi sang and I had no idea Jana could play the guitar! The numbers were 15 members and 16 non members. It was a success and we loved the fun :) This branch is seriously so great.
This week we get transfer calls. We are sad because we love this area and we love serving together. Starsi Davis must go home. He has been out 2 years and 3 weeks. BUT I wouldn't mind if everyone else stayed here in C Bud. Just saying. 

-Sestra Hale

P.S. Fact: my 6 month mark is in 2 days. Whaaaaaa?

Underneath all the bridges is cool graffiti. So this is us in our city. Owning it!

 We played Bachi Ball or Petank with some people we teach English to .  at the club. 
They were so happy we came and learned how to play. Turns out S. Behunin 
and I are pretty good!

The Grilovani (the BBQ)

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