missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 57 You will not believe this but . . .

ONLY on the 24 hour day of Tuesday we had a ton of snow. Every other day has been either a little or full blown sunny. Everyone we talk to is so ready for spring.
I guess the highlights of this week were:
Yesterday this went down: There is a less active, Sestra K. She hasn't been to church for X years because her dog is ill and she can't leave it home alone all day...literally missionaries in the past have been prayed for that dog to be released from this life for a long time. (At least that is what Sestra Senkane said when she served here) Anyway, Sestra K is literally a solid member besides the fact that she does not attend church. Two weeks ago she fell down her stairs and severely bruised her ankle. We asked the Elders if they could arrange a priesthood blessing. Sestra K said of this "the blessing was beautiful and eased my pain. Then the bretheren stayed for THREE HOURS and just talked to me. We laughed so hard about whatnots and it was very pleasant"---miracle number one. Miracle number two: Sestra Galickova (AMAZING empathetic member) is visiting Sestra K today, probably as I am writing this. After our visit last night, Sestra Witzel and I had a happy party in the elevator because there are miracles happening and events taking place that will continue to bring the spirit back into Sestra K's life in full.
On Saturday our lesson cancelled with a member which was sad because after our lesson we were all going to spend an hour on the naměstí to enjoy the Easter festival they had in Mistek! Sestra Witzel and I contacted around then made our way to the festival! We bought some Holland cheese, French sausage, various Czech Easter decorations, TRDELNIK (I seriously have a problem with those. They're soooo yummy), and we talked to every person we bought from. People here are always so complimentary of our language skills and are so patient when we try to explain words we don't know in Czech. One of the mini highlights from the festival was the time we were eating our trdelniky and as we sat to listen/watch the folk band/singing child performance, there was an enthusiastic fan club of one. She looked like the mother of one of the 40 year old Cello players and she was SO happy to sit there and support. She was dancing, clapping, and leading the music from her seat. You can also bet that I took a video of her hahaha
It feels like we found a 'ton' of people this week but really, they are few in number but SO awesome! We met and will teach a mom of twins, we contacted a guy who 1)believes in alligators that breathed fire and created the world and 2) kissed us, We taught a woman from Africa who says it how it is, in an intelligent way, and super prepared. We met a kid who looked 14 but said he is done with school. We met and taught a man that was almost prepared for the Gospel but not quite yet, etc. Its been an exciting week. We Loooove finding in this area. We are hoping to eventually have our own English class here and even sports nights here to really build up Frydek Mistek.
Sestra Hale

Asi to je všechno ode mne..Mám vás ráda a vím, že je smysl v Velikonocích. Pamatujte tomu, že Kristus žije, a díky Němu, my taky budeme žit zas!

 Easter selling stands.

 The festival in Mistek.

and these candles smell divine. 

 Sestra Witzel and I

 Young single adults take over Ostrava!

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