missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 58 The Big Week

We were invited over to 3 members' houses this week for lunch/dinner. In other words, we are loved and oh so fat. We had the legendary svičkova at Sestra Blombergova's, the Czech bread pudding at Sestra Kronerova's and a ton of poppy seed/fig buchty at the Moravcovi. Speaking of, keep Sestra Moravcova in your prayers. Her recovery from her hip replacement is very painful :( 
This last week we also had another on-the-go lesson with our investigator and a member. I swear, we have had a variety of crazy lessons this transfer alone. We walked through the wilderness for one lesson, we ran with a pregnant woman again to catch her train after our lesson, and I am positive there is more in store for us. 
Last week I was thinking about the women in the branch that we visit and how some of them we love and help but only see at church on Sundays. So we bought flowers and decided to surprise them with flowers to tell them they are appreciated and do an amazing job. That was the best idea yet! Sestra Galičkova was so happy and we had a very good visit with her about Christ, charity, her conversion story, and her family. ---quick story---Sestra Galickova helped us find the right bus to get us to our next destination. We had no idea where we were so we trusted her directions. We got on the bus, there weren't any signs or announcements of which stop we were at, so one time the bus stopped and I heard the bus driver yell the name of our stop and look at us, then a woman by us said"hulky!" (girls!) and we were like OH! RUN! and shouted a big "děkujeme!" as we ran off the bus. Strangers are watching out for us :)---anyway we found the Řehovi and met their grandma there who I have never met and she is a member! It was a treasure. Then we ended us walking all the way back to Frydek Mistek alongside a road until we made our way home.

Basically, its been an eventful week and will be another eventful week starting today. Rudolf is a funny/crazy member here. He asked where we were going to be today (cause he wants to do the whole Easter whipping tradition with us) so I told him we would be in a forest somewhere in the wilderness. So he responded "hahha okay...bring your phone"  Rudolf will not find us! hahah  

Tomorrow is training in Prague. We are so pumped. We loooove training! 
Veselé Velikonoce! 
-Sestra Hale

So much food!

Service project at Kubalovi's new store.

This is Frydek.

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