missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 56 Staying in the Frydek Mistek

This week was a finding week. Sestra Witzel and I have a vision and goals and Heavenly help to find the prepared people in our assigned area. We were able to stay in Frydek Mistek this entire week basically and find find find! We have been walking around EVERYWHERE through Mistek and Frydek and we even already finished trakting an entire cute neighborhood. We have had great success, we have 2 new investigators. One just so happens to be our next door neighbor and the other lives about 5 minutes away from us and is reading the Book of Mormon! Needless to say we are harvesting these streets.
On Friday, the Řehovi were able to take us to the rehab center where Sestra Moravcova is staying.; She had a hip replacement surgery. It was a pleasant visit and she is doing well. She has bandages on her legs to keep them in an un-swollen state and she asked if Sestra Řehova could undo them, put lotion on, then re-bandage her legs. Sestra Witzel sitting nearby offers to give Sestra Moravcova a hand massage. Sestra Moravcova asked if she knew how and Sestra Witzel said "girls camp!" haha so I witnessed sweet Sestra Witzel sitting next to Sestra Moravcova in pain and she was calmly giving her a lotion hand massage while Sestra Řehova was on the floor re-bandaging her legs. Moral of the story: Go to girls camp and learn a skill because it will bless others throughout your life.
It's so fun training. I am always answering random questions of the language or past experiences on the mission. Yesterday while tracting I taught her how to play "would you rather" in Czech. It's a ton of fun
Lastly, today we played Squash with Ondřej and the other 4 elders. Squash is the European Raquetball with different rules and a different ball that isn't bouncy. Its a super fun workout and I feel like my skill level is at a 6 with the game as of now. Then we all went to lunch, played a cool random boxing game at the restaurant, then split from there. This is P-Day done right! Tonight we are going to tract even more in another gold mine of a neighborhood we found near us. So pumped! 
p.s. weather update:the sun is shining today for the first time is forever, it woke me up before the alarm did! 

Opravdu, mám vás všichni ráda, i když se moc neznáme. mějte se pěkně a se uslyšíme brzy! 
Sestra Hale
Squash Action  
 Squash Squad

A typical dinner, plus some fruit tea.

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