missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 47 Frydek Mistek Facts

This week we contacted a TON due to not a lot of lessons/service so I will tell you fun facts about what I found out this week about my area:
-This branch here is known to be the YSA (Young Single Adults) branch. We have a ton of YSA and when we are all at an activity like ping pong or family home evening, it is a party for ALL.
-We live and serve in Frydek Mistek but are often in Ostrava which is a 30 minute train ride away. We are always on trains here it seems. 
-Whenever we are with the Elders we somehow always have to run to places because we are late or trying to find places, etc. But today we literally sprinted for a trolleybus and we were all dying. 
-We are in Ostrava a lot but only around the leaders in our district for activities during the week, district meeting (we had district meeting at our apartment this last week then all of us did a singing display together for 3 hours. It was so cold and fun. I literally ran after a family mid song because no one contacted them)
-Activities throughout the week are Family Home Evening, Sestra Schaerrer teaches German ( I can now count to 10 and say that I am 21 in German) We teach English, and we have a game night. This past week was ping pong. This coming week is badminton
-This is a big branch. There were 7 women in Relief Society on Sunday.
-the missionaries here switch who teaches Gospel Principles. This week we taught about the Law of Health and it went very well! That's a fun class to teach

I don't mean to end on a bad note but J dropped us. He will not be getting baptized on Saturday but he is doing well and we are still on good terms. I think he will one day accept and understand everything in this, Christ's church. 

As you all know, I love you all and I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of this new year :)
-Sestra Hale
 Ping Pong Night

 Our Chapel

The Namesti in Mistek (the city square) 

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