missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Week 46 Frýdek Mistek Round 1

I forgot how foggy I am when going to a new area. We are a tiny sister city to Ostrava and are always traveling by train all around to have meetings and teach people and do district finding, etc. 
Fun story, Sometime this week I sat by a man dressed like a cool hippie on the train. We talked for the 25 minute ride and he ended up getting off at our stop to give me a bag of his fresh brussel sprouts because he wanted to give me something. I love the people here. You talk to them, teach them, uplift them, and they want to give you something in return. Even some random food they have, haha. 
We are teaching a man named J and he is getting baptized on the 16th of this month so we are teaching him the final details and planning his baptism. Yesterday he bore his testimony in church and expressed his gratitude in meeting the missionaries. He said it was like a whole new life. His humor is alike to mine so I feel like I am always laughing when we teach him. I love how honest he is in his feelings and concerns. There is nothing more that a missionary loves than when people are honest with them. 
NEW YEARS: We were to be home by 7:30. S. Schaerrer and I were so excited because that meant we could FINALLY catch up on sleep. It turns out we actually retired to bed then had pillow talk about religions until 11 or so. We woke up at midnight to witness the fireworks around us. It sounded like a civil war in our neighborhood. Everyone had fireworks. Not just sparklers or roman candles but the literally BOOM fire works. One man lit one in our courtyard-our cameras were recording-2 beautiful fireworks in the sky then BOOM one exploded right next to our window then the next 2 shot OVER a car and exploded on the building across the street from us! We have the Funniest videos from this moment. We have been quoting our reaction in the videos since the 1st haaha I love my companion. She is so funny and we are similar in our thinking process and we are both comfortable in teaching..does that make sense? We both teach the same way and we teach boldly. 
I love the members here. I haven't met everyone yet but I already like the feeling of everyone. They have a good vibe and I can tell we are going to have a fun time. 

Lastly. one day we woke up early to catch a train to district meeting. I think it was 8 in the morning but it was -9 degrees celcius. That is 15 degrees Farenheit! I wear 2 socks, (one is the fuzzy kind) I wear fleece tights and leggings over it, and as many layers on top as I can get away with without looking like a marshmallow. Craziness. Its also very majestic because you can see the humidity freezing in the air. It looks like glitter falling from the sky.So magical but devishly cold. And the humidity gets us to our bones.But it is my best day when that happens. 

s láskou, 
Sestra Hale

A Czech Christmas tradition. This is the carp fish.  You are to take a scale out, and put it in your wallet to always have a full wallet. So far it is working for me!
Another Czech Christmas tradition -- cut an apple horizontally. If you see a star -- good luck for the year.We did it!
 Me and my new companion. 
Our area is pronounced Free-deck Mees-teck.  In this town, one side of the river is Frydek and the other is Mistek. We live technically in Mistek. 

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