missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 48 busy busy busy busy

Every night when we went to bed, Sestra Schaerrer and I were wiped out. There were even times when I got up in the morning and my feet stung cause we were literally running all over the place throughout the day! 

We played badminton for sports night. Bratr Kubala, Karolina, and Tomas came. It was super expensive but other than that I think Bratr Kubala and I bonded on losing a game together. 

A less active texted us saying she couldn't come to an activity we invited her to. Later I was replying to a ton of people in our phone and re-read her text. She invited us over! Sestra Schaerrer hadn't even met her. So instead of weekly planning in Frydek, we went far out to Zabreh in Ostrava to find her house and visit her. The second she opens her door she embraces us each with a hug, a mother-like hug. She is so nice! She has a very old sick dog that she is always taking care of, She works at the library, and has twin granddaughters that she calls monkeys. We are going to meet the monkeys this next Saturday when we visit again! It was a really beautiful miracle to meet her and now we will work with her and find a way that she can have her dog taken care of AND she can come to church. 

Sestra Schaerrer and I have been consistent in our transportation contacting. We have met really cool people on the buses/trams/trains and have been hit on more than once. All part of the job..

We are going to help prepare 2 people to go to the temple. I am SO excited for this course for these 2 members! I wish we could always teach temple preparation! 

We met with a girl who is almost 22.  She is darling and is on date for 27 February! Its really nice because she lives in Frydek. Yesterday she met us early and we all went to church together. Her favorite part was Gospel Principles when we discussed Charity. She shared a few thoughts and stories. She sounded like a member! 

The members here are so great and the people around these towns are also so great. We have been seeing the light of Christ in strangers more and more as we open up conversations and allow the spirit to touch their hearts. Sestra Schaerrer and I are on a roll and are having a ton of fun. In the last 48 hours we have managed to talk to each other ONLY in a red neck accent. We even have red neck names. I am Sally and she is LuAnn. 

S láskou, 
Sestra Hale
The train station 

We went to a mirror maze with the Elders today. 

The perfect on sale treat after a long long day.

Typical on-the-go lunch from the nearest Albert (grocery store).

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