missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 31 Rules

Get this- We taught a man randomly and set up to go to his house and then ended up teaching him on his tiny porch because he didn't have a woman in his house. Yay rules!
We taught another man at his house and upon arrival we told him about our rule (not going in a house alone with a man) and he insisted that he was not a dangerous man and he wasn't going to kill us. So he kept telling us to come inside then we taught him about obedience and then he said it's not nice for guests to not come into his house when they are invited over, then we were nervous that he would hate the church then he FINALLY brought out 2 chairs to put on his porch and he sat inside. It was way cold outside and barely sprinkled for a few minutes off and on. He gave us coats to wear and delicious drinks and crackers. We taught him and then he talked about his family and communism. We were speechless at some of the stories he had and the pictures he showed us of communism here in Liberec.

Sometimes I forget we walk amongst old people who lived through communism. It seems like only something we learn about in textbooks in school but NO. These people have real experiences and are usually shut off to us. I totally respect the people who deny us and say they have their own faith. Those Czechs who kept any ounce of faith during communism are examples to me.

We went to the University campus to try contacting there. This particular day we decided to contact about chastity. So we contacted young single adults about chastity! It was terrible at first cause we didn't know how to approach someone about this in Czech then once we did the lady quickly replied that she broke that law when she was 20. Well...that was definitely an experience.

English class this week was great. A very smart man that translates for a law firm came and when we shared our spiritual thought, he translated for us. I don't know if it was because someone was translating for me, but I had to speak simply and slowly. Somehow that brought a great spirit to the room. Testifying about our Saviors Atonement in simple terms is the best. I encourage everyone to do that whenever they have the opportunity to. 
After English class I asked one of our students what kind of dancing she does. She whips out her phone, turns on Indian music, then begins to belly dance. She shimmy-ed, she walked back and forth in the room, she dropped it low once or twice, and moved her hair back and forth. It was very graceful and well done. We died afterward that we actually witnessed such a thing. You just never know what will happen in a relief society room hahaha

GUESS WHO GOT HER VISA THIS WEEK!?!! Me. Finally half way through the mission I am finally allowed to stay here legally. It was cool because the same time I went for my last appointment, the rest of our MTC group was there for their 2nd appointment. We took a selfie in the elevator. The Holts were there too but didn't pop into the Picture.

Mám vás ráda!!
I hope my emails aren't all fun and games. Everyday we have cool experiences but when we sit at the computers, all I can think of are the funnies. Enjoy this next week!
-Sestra Hale

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