missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 30 - Long Live Liberec

We have been seeing H around a ton. Every time we see her we are surprised and she always responds in her quiet scratchy voice that it's never a surprise to her because Liberec is so small....little does she know that Sestra Missionarki are always pumped to see people they love! Can I get an amen from any RM? haha

I don't know what this is, but sometimes districts are awkward. Ours definitely was at first but we had a minute to talk one day and share stories of our past. It was fun. It will only get better. Our greenie is doing a great job so far. He makes us all proud. It's so cool to see greenies and think "I remember when I was scared/not confident to contact or speak the language...that's so cute!" Go greenie go!

We are super low on time today BUT if I were to tell you about the work here, I could sum it up with one word: FINDING. We are calling people from the past, we are tracting for 5 hours straight, we are talking to everyone about everything, we are randomly surprising members homes with zucchini bread, etc. Its been such a fun week. I am pretty sure my laugh has changed. In the past it was just a loud laugh because something was slap happy funny, or a pity laugh when you don't want your friend to feel bad, but MAN we laugh all the time. The people here are so great and we laugh with them about anything! We get on their level and build great relationships. It's so great. Sestra Bailey also has great one liners that come out of nowhere. For example she said earlier today, "it was awful, I felt like I ate blenders" what?  And last night we contacted a guy that looked like he was considering entering a bar (in hopes to convert him away from drinking we contacted him) No interest but he did ask us to be his girlfriends....what? I had tears coming out of my eyeballs from laughter after that contact because we both thought he was referring his girlfriend to us and we gladly accepted and said that would be great! Once his eyes got big out of surprise, we stopped and clarified what we just accepted. We DIED after that.

Also 3 people this week told us we have a great positive energy and that we are doing a great thing here. They are right!

I wore my pedometer on a slow week it was 45.512 miles and that was 133,833 steps. that is a SLOW week. but mind you that was also ALL hills. That's all there is here in Liberec :)

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