missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 21 No time to write today because . . . . .

. . . some little birdie told everyone and their dog it was my birthday and I have LOVED reading notes from so many people wishing my a happy birthday and telling me a fun random fact/quote. (which are my favorite things ever) SO THANK YOU!!! Speaking of Birthdays,Happy late late birthday Aunt Lauri and Jonny! I hope the first few weeks of this year in your lives has been phenomenal and I also hope all your wildest dreams come true THIS YEAR. 

This week for us...honestly all I can say is we have been working working working. We are literally in Desperation Mode right now. We are constantly praying to find the people here who we can help and teach, we are constantly walking here and there and contacting here and there and tracting here and there. I have never had more constant sore legs or huge calus-y feet in my life. BRING IT ON. We know there are miracles awaiting us.
The highlights from the week, the man who was going to be baptized on the 18th of this month suddenly dropped us. Straight up dropped us like it's hot. That's FINE, the work must go on. We met with a woman who is a lovely flower in this garden of human mankind. We are excited to keep meeting with her, at her house. She also makes delicious homemade lemonade. We sang with a woman in church on Sunday-President McConkie and his family, and his brother's family were all with us here in C-Bud and it was awful. Last minute Johi played piano with us, and then half way through the woman who was singing with us, had a cough attack so Sestra Daugirda and I just patted and rubbed her back while trying to keep singing as beautifully as we could. And also last minute she sat down while singing, leaving all 4 missionaries standing around her.
All you need to know is we are working our butts off. OH! The other day I was scooting along the wall and the marker holder thing at the bottom of white boards, bruised my rump BAD. There's your funny story for the week.
Love you all! 
-Sestra Hale

Fresh cherries for dayyysss! 
Who knew I could be picking fresh cherries off a tree? 
Also I have eaten freshly picked strawberries, and more.
 I am turning into a biiiggggg fruit basket.

Today on our bike ride with J! notice the weather (perfect and cool)
You just cannot trust this weather whatsoever.

Surprise late birthday party for T! She was soooo surprised and the elders 
and Alec were in on it too. It was phenomenal.

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