missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 11 C-Bud South

Its just been one of those weeks when no one shows up for lessons and no one for church. Also we seeded and tracted a place called Borek with zero success and twice this week men creeped on us. The weather is up and down but for the most part cold and rainy every day. I will come home looking like Edward the Vampire with this kind of weather. (I recently told her I was going to the lake with some friends - she was super jealous that we were experiencing SUNSHINE in Arizona!)
We had a training in Prague this last Tuesday which was awesome and helpful. We learned not to be afraid of the word 'křest' (baptism) but to invite with confidence and to also explain that it is a promise with God as we extend the intivitation so it is clear. President and our AP's are so great. Our APs right now are Starsi Cowley and Starsi Earl. I think that is his name...GUESS WHAT! I saw Starsi Geier and Starsi Nelson who were in Virginia for a while. Yay! 
Tomorrow we have progressive training in Brno. I am excited to see the whole MTC district tomorrow. Reunion! 
Sister Behunin and I are losing English. Basic principles seem wrong when we talk. It's fine. Czech is our new native language anyway. I feel weird praying in 
English too. We taught a man from England and while I was english praying out loud before our lesson begun I was simultaneously praying for my english prayer that it would make sense haha. 
We had a great sports day in which those kids from a couple weeks ago kept showing up to and they even came back to our church building with us and they got an exclusive tour! My favorite is N she has the best laugh and the longest hair. It stuck out of her jacket like a tail as we played volleyball. 
This work is tough. Worth it? Absolutely. I am attending the baptism of a man from my last area this coming Saturday! I am so excited. I was the one to extend him the invite to be baptized. His reaction "do you really think I could be ready by then?" 
he is so gentle and prepared! 
Pray for Sestra Behunin and me. Sometimes its easier to lay back and not be 100% focused but we need the help more now than ever. Pray for our diligence and for the people here to be ready to make a wonderful change in their lives. Because it truly is a wonderful change to know you are a child of God and you have a purpose. I know the things I teach everyday are true and the work we are doing is worth it. Maybe not now but down the road absolutely. 
I love you all and make sure you tell your moms/grandmas they are great on Sunday! Because I WILL! Take care and have a phenomenal week.
Milují vám. 
I know I always write that but I recently learned that verb is a deep word for love. So i will from now on write 
Mám vás rada!!!
It still means I love you but not that deep deep love. :)
-Sestra Hale

Just a gorgeous walk.

  Band picture on the steps.

These are EVERYWHERE! I make lots of wishes everyday and 
blow them all out then run away from all the little flying cotton 
bombs I released into the wind. 
This happens pretty much everyday.

We are eating amazing Kebabs in the namesti.

We saw slugs everywhere today-seriously I measured it in my head. 
On the path today there were slugs everywhere. 3 feet from one another. Not all were this huge.
 Hand modeling is Sister Behunin.
We named him Petr and I may or may not have dropped him on accident 
when I picked a flower. 
We heard a snap and I froze. I think I killed him!

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