missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 13 Pedometer Week

Ladies and Gentlemen.....I used my pedometer this past week. Sunday to Sunday. We did usual missionary work including walking all over C-Bud and seeding a town and tracting twice. We also went running one morning. GUESS HOW FAR WE WALKED. 58.9 miles! The missionary life is the life to live.

This past week flew by. Sometimes I sit at the computer on P-Days just in awe at how time flew by so fast. So FUN STORY: We bought Kebab's for dinner earlier in the week and after talking to the guy for a minute he asked where we were from because we had an accent. When we said we were from America he thought it was so cool! So he gave us this container/bottle of something to eat with our kebabs because it was perfect. It was NASTY! like liquid sour cream. What in the world? 
MISSIONARY WORK STORY: We did a chalk display (my first one). So we went to a busy part of town and drew the Plan of Salvation on the ground in chalk. Then contacted about it showing people what it was and teaching them about where we came from and where we are going. I have never taught so much in an 1.5 hours before! I didn't get any numbers or lessons set up but I taught the P.S. in less than 5 minutes by myself and taught it multiple times. Awesome! DISTRICT LEADER COVENANT STORY: During call-ins last week Elder Davis committed us to contact on EVERY bus since we have bus passes and we take busses everywhere. So here I was my first time ever to bus contact. I sat down with a seat open next to me then BAM! A man sat next to me. "Here we go" I said to myself. So I said hello and asked how he was doing, he thought it was cool I was from America and spoke to me in English then BAM! he asked me if I had a boyfriend and then BAM! asked me if I wanted ot go with him to whereever he was going then BAM asked how old I was. It's just great. The only black man in C-Bud that I have seen hit on me. This is the life... To even out the field though, the next day I sat down in front of a lady and after asking how she was, I found out she was deaf. So we continued to talk the entire bus ride! In Czech! With zero sound and minumum mouthing words. We were able to communicate that she loves small dogs (I whipped out my picture of me and Lexi) and I also gave her a flower that I recently picked (she loved that) and she was telling me it is sad to see people sleep on the side of the road. And! We agreed it was hot on the bus so I told her I would open the window except the Europe bus windows are intricate and I couldn't. Anyway-it was so cool! She was very cute :) MIRACLE STORY: None of our investigors come to church. Since I have been here (in this city) anyway which is...5 weeks. sad right? Well there are these less actives who always promise they will come to church but don't. But WHO CAME THIS SUNDAY! Yay R and J! I just love church here. The people are THE BEST and so unique. I've never met people like Czech people before.
For our P-Day today we went to Česky Krumlov. The pictures do not do justice SO when all my friends and family and future husband allow me to take them on a tour of my mission in the future we will go to this place. Absolutely beautiful and enchanted. We walked through the Garden of the Castle. It reminded me of The Maze Runner because there were 15 foot tall hedges on either side of us for a while! Also, it is just so awesome to see all the red roofs on all buildings and then random turquoise clock towers. GAH! beautiful.
-Sestra Hale
p.s (some family business)...........HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I demanded my district to write down Friday as your birthday in their planners and remember you on that day. I love you!!! And Starsi Lanham loves your middle name!
Your pictures look SO good and I am so happy for you all! 
I am also a little weirded out that everyone will be done with school by the time I get back so...bare with me until I graduate in 1000 years too! I'm so proud of both of you!!! I love you!!! and am I right? those fancy ropes and scarves mean you graduated with honors? HOLLA HALE/REYNOSO  POWER! 

 The enchanted garden

 Baptism! I tickled my comps because I was so happy to have them by my side. 
Thats why they aren't paying attention. woops :)

 The Namesti (city square) at night

 I call this one "it decompose" or "da moose, da moose"

 the best shot I got of Česky Krumlov!

 I would like to have this view every day from my bedroom window.

 It's not a GIANT angel but normal size and a cool angle. That would be scary 
if it was the size of lady liberty.

  I love being a missionary.

Be Jealous!

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