missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 12 - Brno, Baptism and a new friend

Dear family,
Flowers are EVERYWHERE. This land is gorgeous and I wish I could share the beauty with everyone back home in the desert. Truly beautiful, breezy, cool, sunny, colorful weather here. I wouldn't mind living here when I am retired.
This past week we traveled a lot! We went to Brno on Tuesday for my progressive training (which I was supposed to have my 2nd week in the field but due to Visa work we had to wait). That training was great and informative. Sister McConkie taught us about health and how we can endure a mission physically, we were tested on the 12 week program WHICH I HAVE MASTERED AND CERTIFIEDLY PASSED IN (what a rollercoaster of learning. Loooong rollercoaster) and practiced inviting people to baptism which at this time I have personally done multiple times. I love how the 12 week program sets up all the newbs (greenies) to do the big tasks. It helped me get over the fear of inviting people to baptism. I came here to change lives and the way lives are changed are with the Gospel of Jesus Christ-involving the ordinance of baptism with correct authority. Not hard at all. OH MY GREAT, It was soo nice to see my MTC group. My Starsi's are all so cute and experienced and European! I feel like a proud sister to all of them. It's so great. Pictures will be sent next week.
On Saturday we went to Prague to support and witness the baptism of Libor! My first baptism and it was phenomenal. Seeing him was so great. I walked in, shook his hand and told him how excited I was to be there. He loved the support. Bratr Prahař was able to come from the Jičín branch. I really think it helps to have members at baptisms. Libor was so cute! Pictures will be sent next week as well.

Here is the story of M, I cannot write justice for our experience with him. It is just not possible BUT I know what I wrote will be enough to make your day. 
There is this man who was contacted last transfer who is probably in his 70's. Fun fact: his mother who is 93 is still alive! So anyway he is in C-Bud just about once a month and HE calls US when he is here because he loves the sisters. Jasný. SO we met him today. On first contact he kissed our hands and complimented us. Then we asked if we could go to a Kavarna (cafe in English, I think..) and he said sure. As we walked he often put his hand on our backs to guide us along and he put his arms out to stop us before the street we crossed. Verrry kind-like. a straight up grandpa. Once we got to the Kavarna we chatted for a little to get to know each other and he was so cute! He stopped me a couple times and complimented my Czech then blushed and sat back in his chair. As he spoke and as he agreed, he would tap Sestra Behunin's wrist, hand, or knee as he spoke. He also did the Czech arm rub multiple times. As we explained the Book of Mormon, he was so accepting and so believing in it. He loved Moroni's promise and would hold up or scoot the Book of Mormon towards-facing the right way-as we spoke about it. So nice and sweet. THEN....climax time....he said he had something for us before we ended. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a Harmonica. A Harmonica! He asked us what we wanted him to play and since we dont know any Czech music he started playing a Ceske Budejovice song and the Iowa song called 'Going Home' and also Silent Night. We were in a kavarna and he was so awesome to play for us. Climax #2 when the worker asked if we were done he jolted up to pay. He moved so fast in such a motion that it made all 3 of us jump. So he paid and Climax #3 He kissed our cheeks. Our cheeks so sweetly! We were laughing at how sweet and lively this man was. He kept blushing! Then while walking us back to the building where we met he managed to grab my hand once, direct us across the street by guiding our backs, and  kissed our cheeks again! 

That is the story of M. We are excited for next time. He said we have to take a picture and we said we have to record his Harmonica playing. 

Also I looooved skyping with you all! LOVED it! I was so pumped for the work afterwards! Thanks for being an amazing family. 
Ill talk to you later! Love you! 
mám vás rada!
Sestra Hale

Mother's Day Skype Call - screen shot:

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