missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, April 27, 2015


Sorry, I'm running short on time today.

While studying language I found the word for Unite. I immediately thought of transformers.
The title of this email means Äutobots, Unite!  ...but now that I think of it I should look up the word for assemble.

WELL This last week was 1. boring because the Elders were in Jicin. 2. a bummer because most of our lessons were cancelled or rescheduled. 3. intense. I don't think I am allowed to tell about what we were asked to help with because it was so intense. All I will say is I have a testimony of the Spirit in the home. When families don't love each other it gets nuts. NO MATTER WHAT-love one another! If you don't love your family, or if that is hard, just remember that is one of the 2 most greatest commandments. Don't believe me? Read the scriptures.

BUT... we got our baby zelenač!!! (Mom's Note - I'm not sure what this means, but I'm guessing they got the new missionaries from the MTC this week) That is exciting because A. I am in a way his mission aunt and B. I am officially not a greenie anymore. C. He is SO ready and prepared! He remember all these czech names of people. That took my 3 weeks to barely get down!

Lastly, today we walked forever long trying to look for the volleyball courts and we played! It was sand courts. It was so much fun-Elders won 2 games and we won one!

It's awesome being here. Sister Behunin has a hilarious/nuts family that I really want to meet and also Sister Behunin is so much fun. We love this hard transfer.
Bring on the hardships!

-Sestra Hale
 My Companion and I

 Our Sacrament Meeting Room

 The Namesti

Statues on Lannova

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