missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

to Matka

Matka (Mother)!
I love you - I will talk to you soon and you'll probably get this after Christmas so let me tell you about a cool thing. On our THIRD day here we had an investigator we were to teach. Without knowing the language. Crazy? Ano (yes). But as I bore the little testimony I knew in Czech, I felt the Spirit. When I told her (or at least I think I told her) that God loved her, I know that she too felt the Spirit.
Tak (So), my teacher, Brotr K, explained something. He said, "You all probably thought the MTC was 90% language, 10% teaching . . . it's actually 90% teaching with the Spirit (or learning how to) and 10% language. I think I'm doing this right!  I love you Mom!
--Sestra Hale

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