missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Thursday, January 15, 2015

a letter to family

excerpts from handwritten letters to us:
Thank you for your letters and for the encouragement. The first few days/the entire transition was tough but really after that first Sunday I have found to call this place home - for the time being - I have made more and more friends, better relationships with my teachers and missionaries in my zone. We talk to each other about our questions of the doctrine or about funny stories.  It's like we are a really close family! No one is left out in our zone. I am even tempted to belly bump this one Elder who is a sunshine ray and a teddy bear physique and super funny.  I once told him that and he said "I know! I almost shoved Sister Barch over a chair like I would my sister! We are like a family here."  I love this. There is so much support coming from all angles.
I love getting your letters.  Some of the Staršís here are jealous I get mail all the time. I am totally okay with this. because soon I will not be able to receive or send mail as much. It will mostly be over e-mail.
I haven't said anything too bad (in mixing up words in the language). when I was teaching I meant to say "you are wonderful" but I said "you are atonement" instead.

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