missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Friday, December 26, 2014

MTC Week 1

AHOJ!!! (Like Chips Ahoy)

As of today it has been 7 days since the start of the mission. The first day was weird. I came in early. 11am ish so I was the first missionary there. I wasn't really greeted?...As in the Host missionaries weren't on call yet so some older brother helped me from where I was told to be dropped off, to where I was supposed to go into the MTC. Then me and soon after this fresh Elder sat in almost silence for 25 minutes until more newbies came. 
We had an orientation with the MTC President and counselors and wives. We then were told to go get more information, then to get more information in a packet, then to get a bag of books/utensils, then we sat back in a room for another orientation and exciting information regarding the MTC.

SIDE NOTE: 630 new missionaries entered the MTC the same day as me. I thought that was mind blowing. 

To be honest last Wednesday was SO long ago I barely remember the day. So the first 3 days I had a headache from all the new information then through calmed nerves and some hard prayers, I felt better. 

Anyway, I knew 6 or 7 people that were reporting the same day as me/that are already here. By the fourth day I saw all of them! No pictures (Its hard to whip out a camera all the time for pictures) I not only saw them all and said hi but one of them is in a classroom all day across the hall from me! (Devin Gardner!) And I have met people that know my roommate Kamrie Ames and someone that went to girls camp with Hayley Wagner! Its a small world here in the MTC. I bet I have a long lost cousin around me.  BUT the coolest person I met was a sister from an island in between Fiji and Australia...San Candodia? Caledonia? Look it up. They speak French there and she was here learning English. 

My companion is Cectpa Barch (pronounced the same as me - 'Sestra') she is SO bubbly and kind. Shes from Texas but mostly St. Louis. We're pretty tight. I'm going to attach a voice recording so you can hear her voice. And Ill have pictures later with her. 

I am the only Sister in the MTC going to the Czech Republic. My zone consists of missionaries going to Macedonia (where Cectpa Barch is going), Bulgarian missionaries, Slovak, Slovenian, Polish, Croatia, and a few others. 

My district is 5 Elders and me. plus our one Slovak elder. 

-Sestra Hale

Have a wonderful Christmas everybody! Don't worry about me. They are hooking us up here :)

sorry. Why is it impossible to attach a picture? I'll send them all next week. Love you all!

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