missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2014 was grand but HELLO 2015!

Week Two. Accomplished. 

First off, I'm sure you are curious of Christmas in the MTC. First off we arose at 6:30 because we are all obedient missionaries. Secondly, we had a little longer time to eat our breakfast. We then had a devotional that was amazing. Elder Nelson and his wife came to speak to us! Then we had study time, then lunch, THEN A TALENT SHOW! I ended up beat boxing for an Elder that was a yo-yo master. It was so tight. There were a few weird raps done and lots of Elders and Sisters singing/playing that Hallelujah song about King David. Then we called home, then we had dinner or something then in the evening we had people from the Hale theater in Utah come sing to us all dressed up and what not. Then we had a live nativity! It was funny because they were all missionaries acting it out, and some of them were distracted angels and shepherds. But it was still awesome. Then we watched The Nativity Hollywood movie. It was a good Christmas.....AND DID I MENTION IT WAS MY FIRST WHITE CHRISTMAS? I prayed mightily for snow on Christmas. Man, was my faith strengthened! It was a beautiful and fun day. 

So on my 3rd day here I taught an investigator. Her name is "Jana". This last week the word came out that she and I knew each other in the past life. We went to EFY together in 2010 so it was cool that we had a connection. All of the Starsi's (elders) thought I was a traitor because they had to teach people they didn't know. haha. 

I never realized how fast an hour goes by with all this emailing. It is crazy. 

My Czech language is coming! I also started crying last night when I was teaching "Jana" about the Ten Commandments because there were some words I said that I know I didn't know. The gift of tongues is real. Thank you to everyone who is keeping missionaries in your prayers. You have NO idea how much it helps and how much we can feel the support. It is stressful and hard at times but the comfort from the Spirit is unreal. I love learning fundamentals and the Doctrine of Christ and applying those when I an inviting others to come unto Christ. It's funny. I thought all this role playing in the MTC would be weird and distracting but the second I am done praying outside my  investigators door (a classroom down the hall from mine) I feel the Spirit and I knock on their door with confidence. 

Cirkev Jezise Krista je Pravda.
The Church of Jesus Christ is True. 

I am understanding that more and more as I am preparing to serve those of the Czech Republic. 

Attached are some photos from various shenanigans
Christmas Eve:
 My Name Badge:
 New Year's Eve:
Me and Sister B.
Trip to Provo Temple:

. Don't ask questions about the Roostapus. I can't tell any information regarding the SharkHorse Initiation. (my district elders made up a sweet initiation) It is highly classified. 

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