missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Week 67 -- A trip to the Zoo

There comes a point in everyday -usually when we go to bed- that I can't get my thoughts together and my brain is foggy and full of a lot of things we have to do, with people I forgot to pray for, with funny stories I remember and want to tell my comps, or when I just shut off and go into Sestra Hale land somewhere in space. These moments don't last long but they definitely happen. Right now that's kind of happening because we are taking it one day at a time and the second that one day is done and accounted for in the journal, it's kind of forgotten. Not in a bad way but there is too much to do the next day that we need more brain space for those worries and thoughts and inspiration. 

Last P Day we went to the Prague Zoo with our Prague district. It was awesome and we saw all sorts of animals. the most exciting parts were the elephants because a baby elephant threw a small fit and ran away from us, and when we went to see the alligators there was a turtle sitting on top of the alligator. It looked so majestic.

Church in Prague was awesome. We were up for translating and that was a party on its own. We sit in the other room with the speaker overhead to listen to and then have a little tiny microphone thing to talk quietly into for the people in the sacrament meeting room with headphones to listen to. But some late comers joined us who also needed translation but we ran out of headphones so they sat next to us and now we were talking louder and had witnesses to look at us as we would occasionally get lost and make a face then testify about what we think we heard. Translating was awesome. We switched off every other talk and Sestra Cade did the prayers.
TRAINING! It was such a good training. It was the Prague and Hradec Kralove zones. so..a lot of missionaries. maybe 40. So yes...the time came when Sestra Fred and I trained on the tools we have as missionaries. Time ran from us so it wasn't as we expected but we were able to open up the missionary mind of thinking we don't have a lot of tools to use in our finding efforts. for example: Preach My Gospel manual is NOT limited to missionaries. That applies to members just as much as us missionaries. Training was sooo fruitful. It's so beneficial when we apply what the leaders train on. Moral of the story:trust and follow the council of the leaders who are led by the Spirit. I can promise answers and blessings. 
We had exchanges with the Jihlava sestry here. I served with Sestra Andersen. She is sooo good and I love her work ethic. She's positive and we had a few AWESOME miracles. For example-we were waiting for our lesson to show up to teach the restoration. He didn't show up but we were able to teach a man who was walking by the building we said hello to. He now knows the restoration and we will see him soon! 
I LOVE our Heavenly Father. It's evident that He lives and that His son is our Savior. I love them with my whole heart and I'm grateful for the Holy Ghost to testify that truth to me often. Have a phenomenal week everybody! 
-Sestra Hale

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