missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Week 65 -- Oh man Ohhh mannn

I literally cannot express how on fire we are because of this huge weekend. I hope it has somehow reached the homeland news but the Czech Republic is forming its FIRST STAKE. I apologize for not mentioning anything until now because I wanted to spill the beans with the family on Mothers Day but please please please ask me sometime in life how this process came together. There are not enough minutes or emails long enough to explain God's hand in the work here. We have heard testimony on testimony from around this country from members that didn't ever think it would actually happen one day that we would have a stake formed. It's so special and sacred and the spirit has been building up all over the country. This weekend is going to be historic for the Church in Europe and we somehow have the privilege and blessing to be here to witness it and to rejoice with the Czech saints. President Dieter F. Uchtdorf is coming to organize the Stake and basically have on President McConkie's keys are being handed over tomorrow instantly when the stake president is called. OH MAN. Please ask me about this sometime. I could talk about all the hardships and miracles we have witnessed in preparation for this event. 
On another note we have been soaking up the spirit and excitement from the stake in all that we have done this week. We have Stake Fire with us when we teach, contact, travel, and call. This last week alone we were teary eyed when testifying to an investigator that we know he is ready for baptism, we are going to fast with an investigator that's been taught for the past 9 months to be baptized in 2 weeks, we found and met with an awesome long ago less active who was so honest with us and told us his story and he will be coming to the stake organization, AND we have put our hearts, might, minds, and literal strength into this week. I am beyond grateful to be here at this time. Our Heavenly Father knows us so stinkin well and loves us more than we can imagine. This church is His church, He loves me and I know because of the miracles I have in my life, and I know that Jesus Christ, His Father, and all of Heaven will be rejoicing with the Czech saints tomorrow when the stake is organized. This. is. huge. 

I love you all and wish you a PHENOMENAL weekend and week!!! 
s laskou, 
Sestra Hale

Fun fact. Every time we are in the car we take a picture. This is one of many.