missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Week 66 -- HERE IT IS!!!

This is the e-mail you have all been waiting for. http://www.mormonnewsroom.org.uk/article/president-dieter-f-uchtdorf-presides-at-the-creation-of-the-first-stake-in-the-czech-republic

The CR has a Stake!!! It was amazing. The Saturday session was so full that us as missionaries were all standing in the back at the beginning of the session until more chairs were brought in. Even then, some missionaries still stood. It was a beautiful exciting session. President and Sister Uchtdorf were led by the Spirit as they spoke about how we can strengthen ourselves and how we took time to become such a strong foundation of this stake. And. It. Keeps. Growing. As for the Sunday session, we were assigned to be at the front door to welcome all. I don't think I have been that constantly happy in my life.(you can see her as the door greeter in the church video - link is above)  Every single person that came in, we were able to shake their hands and welcome them to the best meeting of their lives! It was so sweet to see people I have served around, members and missionaries, and all those I didn't know on the other side of the country. It was a beautiful historic building and once everyone sat down, the spirit illuminated us. We were in the voluntary group standing along the wall until the last 20 minutes when Sister McConkie ran up to us during the intermediate hymn and said there were 4 seats on the front row we 5 sisters could squeeze on. Perfect timing. I shared half a chair with Sestra Fred and half a chair with Sister Alder (the wife of Elder Alder from the 70's ) We love Sister Alder she is so cute and funny. So, this means we were front row as lucky lucky sisters for Sister Uchtdorf and President Uchtdorf's talks. It was so memorable I can't even describe it. No one wanted to leave this building. All the saints were talking and taking pictures with one another. President McConkie in tears every once in a while, called the first and new Stake Presidency. These men are perfect. They are truly called of God and I, along with all those who were in favor of their calling, know this is right. It's so right. When it was announced that the Czech Republic's first Patriarch was to be called, EVERYONE gasped. I have a feeling they forgot about the Patriarch because of the excitement about WHO will be the new presidency?? Then when Bratr Čanek stood up, That's when I teared up. These men are called of God. Amen to their worthiness and priesthood! 

The rest of this week has been full of deep conversations, tough questions and situations from investigators, preparing for the training this week, MIRACLES, and careful wording as we talk about our newly called bishops and wards. It's so awesome to say those words. I love this land and these people. We have the best companionship and we are on the Lord's errand to invite these people to be a part of the Stake! Its so exciting. Can you feel it too? 
-Sestra Hale
p.s. we are going to the zoo today with our district! 

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