missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 63 -- TRANSFERS

Here we are! I literally only have 10 minutes to e-mail and send this. Guess what!! I am serving in Prague and Mlada Boleslav with Sestra Fredrickson and we are expecting a baby!! (due on Wednesday)  and Sestra Fredrickson and I are Sister Training Leaders. (missionary lingo: 'expecting a baby' is training a newly arriving sister)

My mission has prepared me for this last transfer. We are going to WORK and change and work together in unity like a presidency. BRING IT. 

Last week of Ostrava was so deliciously golden. I will only share one miracle experience with you all. On Thursday, Sestra Witzel and I jump on a train to catch another train to take us to Bohumin to see Sestra Kvasnicova. The second we sit down in her lesson I realize I don't have my bag of my Czech scriptures or Czech Preach my Gospel. We broke down in English as we tried to figure out WHAT we could do and who we could ask to maybe find my bag. We had a great lesson on plan but the whole time I just felt a deep sick and sad feeling :( We had a great lesson and it was super spiritual. THEN in the Bohumin train station I tell the information desk lady about my situation and she calls a ton of people and finds the train I was on yaddah yaddah yaddah. No success. BUT while waiting for her to call people we met a man from Lithuania and I ended up translating for him to find something. THEN we go to Ostrava and are finally directed to the lost and found and that sweet train station lady worker got a nice big hug from me as she fetched my bag of holy scriptures. I was SO HAPPY. So I was celebrating with Sestra Witzel and started to pray out loud with her as we were holding hands or something (I honestly don't know. I was overcome with joy) Then MID PRAYER another train station worker walks up (we've talked to this one before) and she is holding up one of my necklaces I thought I lost a few days ago and she asked if it was ours!.....MIRACLES! If that is not evidence that God lives and knows and loves me, I don't know what is. 

I'm excited to be where I am now and I know more and more every day that this church is true and that God and His son Jesus Christ live. I love you all and wish you a good week! 
--Sestra Hale

A visit to Hukvaldy.

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